(n.) A song that goes: There was a negro and a dawg and nigga was their name hoe n i gga n i gga n i gga and nigga was their name hoe!
One must consider one's surroundings carefully before one sings the Cjo, or there is a reasonable chance that one might get shot before one finishes the Cjo.
by cjo January 19, 2005
Top Definition
An executive-sounding description of someone who cleans toilets for a living. Stands for "Chief Janitorial Officer".
I just got hired at this big company, they made me their CJO.
by scrubbinit July 13, 2010
(adj.) Black, gangsta.
Nelly sings cjo songs.
by cjo January 19, 2005
(v.) To steal a television.
The negro cjoed from the white man's house.
by cjo January 19, 2005
(n.) a very black person
Cjo disappeared when the lights went off.
by cjo January 19, 2005
an acronym for Cow Jumps Over Sun.
a person who is very annoying, and is overly obsessive towards people who do not like her/him.
there can be many varieties of a CJOS, including, shor cjos, fat cjos, skanky cjos, and just the natural one.
no body likes cjos's.
She's so annoying! She's such a CJOS.
by mhm53360 November 20, 2009
(n.) Dog or dawg, usually used by gangsta's.
Ah hell no wassup Cjo?
by cjo January 19, 2005
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