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Phrase used by memebers of the armed forces, in the UK, to refer to civilian life in general but especially a career or job which does not involve the armed forces or government.
Oposite of "The Mob" which can mean any1 of the armed forces.
There is a huge differance between civvy street and the mob; in the mob if some1 says they will do something it will usually get done within the next day to 3 weeks, in civvy street they just say it and it means fuck all, especially down south.
by AMX December 06, 2006
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Known in civilian life Civilian life as "CIWS" - Close-In Weapon System, a short-range anti-missile point defense system commonly comprised of a radar system and rotary-barreled Gatling gun. In NATO, the system is the Vulcan Phalanx. A newer version, Goalkeeper, uses the GAU-8 30mm Gatling gun found in the A-10 Thunderbolt for increased range and destructive power. Can have anti-surface modes as well, for use against small craft and the like. Derisive interpretations of the acronym include: 'Christ, It Won't Shoot', and 'Captain, It Won't Shoot,' due to common maintenance difficulties.
We worked on the civvy street all night and the piece of shits still broke!
by Atomic Johnny March 30, 2005
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