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Civilization Syndrome is an affliction targeting gamers, especially turn-based strategy gamers, in which they promise themselves "just one more turn"--only to realize that seven hours have passed and they've soiled their drawers.

Most games that cause Civilization Syndrome possess an explosive mixture: they create long to-do lists for the player, which grow infinitely and exponentially with each completed task, and combine that with the ability to complete tasks easier and quicker than real-life, thus creating an overwhelmingly addictive illusion of achieving things.

Note that a game doesn't have to be turn-based to cause Civilization Syndrome, it merely has to produce addictive and never-ending to-do lists.

Named after Sid Meier's Civilization series, which codified most turn-based strategy tropes present in today's games.
"It was ten PM, my game was going really well, and I just had a few more things I wanted to finish before calling it a night. Next thing I knew the sun was rising. I got fucked by Civilization Syndrome."
by CharacterInWhite March 28, 2014

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