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To civil-service. Verb form of "civil service", used by co-workers at an unnamed government agency. It is means to affably but vaguely agree to aggressive demands for work by those outside your chain of command, and then go back to whatever you were (or were not) doing, secure in the knowledge that there will be no consequences. What anyone would do without fear of the lash.
That consultant babe from the Commissioner's office came by asking for a detailed report on our project status, so I civil-serviced her and then went to the retirement party on the fifth floor.
by Doc Benway '47 May 03, 2011
Verb; To cheerfully and sincerely agree to do something; and then forget about it the moment the requester leaves and go back to surfing the internet.
"That bitch from the Mayor's office came in here demanding an immediate revision of the report, so I civilserviced her."
by Uncle Bubba May 26, 2004
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