the most retarded car made by the most retarded comapny. vtec owns all is a complete moron since most white trash people do not drive dsms they drive shitty ass civis. The point of the matter is that they suck ass as do all production honda cars. true you can spend hella money on your civic but you can get MINIMAL power gains. with a dsm or any other car the same amount of monay can make that car way faster.
i spent 9,000 on a civic and did an engine swap and got exaust, intake and springs and ran a 14.4

Wow i spent 5,000 on a 92 eclipse gsx and put in a 16g, boost controller, exhaust, intake, fuel pump, injectors, and did a buch of free mods and im running 13.9
by vtech owns all is a bitch ass mofo December 27, 2003
The GAYEST of all gay cars. I'd rather put a muffler tip on a bicycle.
Guy 1: OMFG! My parents just bought my a new Civic EX!
Guy 2: <pulls out gun and kills guy 1> Thats nice.
a lightweight car that is usually hated on because of its quickess with an engine swap.

queers in v8 cars often get beat by the civic with a 4 cylinder, but when they actually do beat the civic they laugh, even though their engine is twice the cylinders, and almost three times the displacement
<fag> hi i have a camaro/mustang/firebird/DSM(im gay) & i have a mullet and am gay. please dont beat my car or i will have to get mean and try to beat you up.
by VTEC owns you all December 17, 2003
A car driven by idiots and assclowns that actually think there cool and fast...civics especially the new EP HB SI's are rediclious minature odyssey 2dr vans that only asshats drive..I think P.O.S sums it up perfect!!! Get a life and step up to a CAMARO SS....
Look at me in my cool ricer mini van civic HB SI ..Isnt it cool that these cars were a major FLOP and honda had to give them away !!!!!
by Frankoholic March 30, 2004
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