n. a small, cheap, economical means of transportation that, through an interesting twist of fate, has become incredibly popular with young people attempting to satisfy their youthful lust for speed. however, 9 times out of ten, the civic remains a small, cheap, economical means of transportation, except with approximately 30 thousand dollars worth of unusually shaped body pieces and enough performance equipment to keep up with actual sports cars (see camaro,trans am,mustang,m3,rx7,wrx, etc.
dood meh civic is soo small, cheap, and economical!!
by the vehicular aficionado February 27, 2004
Clear Indication Vtec Is Crap
Hey, look at that civic in the rear view of my dsm.
Thehyena's dsm ownz civic's all day long.
HAHAHAHAHA, that civic just revved at me and I thought you farted.
by v8 killer December 04, 2003
a not-so-cheap car anymore
upping the price so all the little rich kids get them,
and look like hot shit. new models (2007+) are looking a lot better,
compared to the piece of ass they used to have.
finally they arent getting the reputation for being the shit whole they used to be.
yo my new civic is for once classy! who would of thunk it!?
by cb holla January 06, 2008
Japanese economy car commonly owned by little wigger biotches who think they are so cool. Usually sporting a 20-inch fart pipe and sometimes body kits and spoilers. To this date I have never seen a real one with an aftermarket engine part (besides maybe spark plugs and an oil change)
I blew the pants offa that ricer civic with my 88 MUSTANG GT!
by Joe Taco February 04, 2005
shit on wheels.
"The newest challenge for Junkyard Wars was to build a civic"
by Louman December 23, 2002
What muscle car fanboys always compare their cars to, or assume is the only Japanese car ever made, despite the existence of other Japanese cars that are much more suited for racing.

That aside, a Civic is an economy car that yields good gas mileage (around 40 mpg). Unfortuantely, there are a handful of young reckless drivers out there who take their Civics and rice them out (read: rape them), giving Civics and their owners a bad name.
<Random person A> I drive a 1963 Corvette that is on the verge of self-destructing. And you?
<Random person B> I drive a Mazd--


<Random person C> I drive a Civic.
<Random person D> OMG WTF RICER *takes out AK-47 and points it at RPC*
<Random person C> ...what? I only use it for going from point A to point B, I never think about using it to rac--
<Random person D> *blows RPC's head off anyway*
<Random person C's ghost> ...idiot.
by gs68 October 04, 2005
A Japanese car produced by Honda.
Known well for having the B16a engine in its production range which puts it in the league of "Hot Hatches"
The performance versions use VTEC which produces a power surge, similar to a turbo, which is unusual in N/A cars.

Because of this many people do not realise how quick the car is and as you can see many people resent it - just look at the jealous definitions!

However in the US it is true that many Ricers get hold of them!
damn that civic is quick! i want to get me a vtec!
by Jam Master Jack-ay November 19, 2004
9 times out of 10, it's nothing more than the San Francisco Treat on wheels. Usually sporting a huge-ass spoiler and decals for every manufacturer out there, and some really gay flame decals and underbody neons. Sometimes, you'll even see some really ugly body kit on there painted a different color than the rest of the body.
Did you see that gay Civic we just passed? The thing has more rice than a rice field in China.
by td March 26, 2004
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