ORIGINAL DEFINITION: A car, made by the Honda Motor Corporation, meant originally to be a reliable, basic, economical form of transportation. But that's where the good part ends. Because the current true definition of CIVIC is as follows...


A car which started its life with the above definition but in 99.999 percent of the cases, is now:

1) A still small, gay, ricemobile, featured in the movie The Fast And The Flimsy
2) A $2000-$8000 car with $1000-$15000 in modifications, the dollar amount spent being inversely proportionate with the owner's iq
3) A car that, no matter how many mods are done to it, is still small, gay, flimsy, and rice
4) A car that needs a huge amount of money added to it, in order to keep up with stock sports cars of any brand or year, which are usually oblivious to the fact that they're even being raced by this unworthy opponent, which brings me to the next sub-entry in the definition, which is:
5) A car famous for the RICER FLYBY, which happens when a totally unaware motorist who is driving a car with a real engine, which intimidates the hyper ricer in the CIVIC, inspiring him to show his mania, and, while the real-car driver is at 1/4 throttle just minding his own business and switching radio stations, he gets passed by a BUZZ BOMB CIVIC doing 60 in a 25 zone, 12 blocks after the stop light that this event started at, and the CIVIC driver flashes his lights as if he just 'MADE THE KILL'.
6) A car most often owned by hyper people with small brains and even smaller penises, as evidenced by their 'OH YEAH WELL WATCH THIS' attitude
7) A car that, when spelled backwards, spells the same word. This was intelligent design on the part of Honda since they knew they were appealing to a dyslexic crowd of morons
8) A front wheel drive car with a small engine, that, when modified properly, can consistently produce enough power to shred its transmission, which is extremely useful at the track, and apparently must improve 1/4 mile times, and be the ultimate goal for civic modders.
9) A car, unmistakably in sound (THE WEED WACKER IS FOLLOWING ME), and appearance, with any number of gay neon lights, carbon fiber door handles, rims that look like they belong on an suv, a spoiler that was taken off an old 747 Boeing, and 4 different colors of primer
holy shit man i paid $4500 for the car and spent $18,000 on mods for my civic, and i'm only on my 3rd $2000 tranny, so that's....let's see....$28,500 plus it still needs a paint job...shoulda bought a new WRX, or a Camaro or Mustang or a used 335i, or used the money on therapy
by Uncle Rice September 10, 2009
a word to substitute "shit" or "crap"
hey u piece of Civic!!
by davis October 06, 2004
An art of engineering that when coupled to a JDM Integra type-r engine becomes a rocket capable of obliterating everything in site.
Look at that guy in his sports car thinking he is the daddy. V-tec engaged! see ya loser!!!!!!!!
by tech May 10, 2003
If your gonna buy an import buy a toyota. :) I eat Civis for breakfast.
My MR2 just rolled all up and down your riced out Civic with the ginormous wing. Should I go home and get my old ass Supra and run circles around you again?
by JustSmokedYourCivic January 06, 2004
1) An economy car driven by lower middle class workers. Mediocre milage, and overall unreliable.

2) A rice burner that usually boasts a huge three foot spoiler or 747 wing, ridiculous stickers and trims, and an ugly neon paint job. The owners, usually teenagers who bought it by sacrificing the money in their college savings, are completely oblivious to the fact that their 4 cylinder front wheel drive car couldn't even compete with a Mack truck going uphill.
1) "I think I'll take my Honda civic to work and hope to God that I don't run out of gas."

2) My 8 cylinder Lexus usually proves to be more than a match against these ricers with their civics in a drag race.
by hatred May 28, 2003
It's actually a 1994 Caprice Classic 9C1 police interceptor that i got for 4,000 which is almost the same model as the impala SS.
Yea my friend put a load of stickers and a spoiler and body kit and exhaust and blah blah all that stupid crap. I dont hate all imports retard just hondas because everyone has them. They buy and think when they put a spoiler on it they think it will add 30 hp and turn the civic into a 10 second ride. Why dont you go spend "10 g's and make a fucking civic run low 12's." Then try to sell your car and get that much out. Guess what, when turning the civic into a 12 second tin foil frame its totally worthless. You are dissin all the american cars, well if you dont like america then you can get out. Go back to asia and drive your ricers.
by SuperChevy January 31, 2004
Not exactly the fast car of choice , but has a model not availiable in USA called the Civic Type R which is some what fast. Goes 0-60 in 6.1 which is fast for a front wheel drive car , only does good on the track when it is raining , loses every other day.
Yo that Civic Type R just took on a BMW M3 in the twisties when it was raining ! Phat !!
by Some nigga February 19, 2003
1) A Japanese Economy Car
2) A cheap Honda car that some ricers screwed up this ride and made it look fast but it's not. The ricers are the one who put fart cans in this ride and make it loud. It's really annoying to alot of people who like cars so much. This ride on the SI has 160hp and it has an inline 4 engine. Some people want to get it because it has a safe drive layout. The best civic they have right now is the Civic Type R, one of the touring cars that can be used for left-foot braking. Whatever you do, don't get an EG6 like Shingo here. XD
"What's an EG6?" --Takumi
"It's a Honda, a civic." --Itsuki

The quote is from Initial D First Stage (Shingo Race)
by Overdriven January 05, 2005

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