ORIGINAL DEFINITION: A car, made by the Honda Motor Corporation, meant originally to be a reliable, basic, economical form of transportation. But that's where the good part ends. Because the current true definition of CIVIC is as follows...


A car which started its life with the above definition but in 99.999 percent of the cases, is now:

1) A still small, gay, ricemobile, featured in the movie The Fast And The Flimsy
2) A $2000-$8000 car with $1000-$15000 in modifications, the dollar amount spent being inversely proportionate with the owner's iq
3) A car that, no matter how many mods are done to it, is still small, gay, flimsy, and rice
4) A car that needs a huge amount of money added to it, in order to keep up with stock sports cars of any brand or year, which are usually oblivious to the fact that they're even being raced by this unworthy opponent, which brings me to the next sub-entry in the definition, which is:
5) A car famous for the RICER FLYBY, which happens when a totally unaware motorist who is driving a car with a real engine, which intimidates the hyper ricer in the CIVIC, inspiring him to show his mania, and, while the real-car driver is at 1/4 throttle just minding his own business and switching radio stations, he gets passed by a BUZZ BOMB CIVIC doing 60 in a 25 zone, 12 blocks after the stop light that this event started at, and the CIVIC driver flashes his lights as if he just 'MADE THE KILL'.
6) A car most often owned by hyper people with small brains and even smaller penises, as evidenced by their 'OH YEAH WELL WATCH THIS' attitude
7) A car that, when spelled backwards, spells the same word. This was intelligent design on the part of Honda since they knew they were appealing to a dyslexic crowd of morons
8) A front wheel drive car with a small engine, that, when modified properly, can consistently produce enough power to shred its transmission, which is extremely useful at the track, and apparently must improve 1/4 mile times, and be the ultimate goal for civic modders.
9) A car, unmistakably in sound (THE WEED WACKER IS FOLLOWING ME), and appearance, with any number of gay neon lights, carbon fiber door handles, rims that look like they belong on an suv, a spoiler that was taken off an old 747 Boeing, and 4 different colors of primer
holy shit man i paid $4500 for the car and spent $18,000 on mods for my civic, and i'm only on my 3rd $2000 tranny, so that's....let's see....$28,500 plus it still needs a paint job...shoulda bought a new WRX, or a Camaro or Mustang or a used 335i, or used the money on therapy
by Uncle Rice September 10, 2009
A car that is really meant to just get people from point A to B. Yet, there are some people out there that see a "hidden" performance package. Regardless if it's a type R or type SIR, it's still a torqueless car. Some people actually spend 5 thousand on a old pos civic, then spend another 10-20 grand on the car to make it look "cool" and "fast" when in reality, they could have just spent that money on a real car, saved the money and moved out from living in their parents basement.
Bill: Daym check out Eric in his civic, he spent 5gs on that turbo alone and another 7 on that type R engine!
Bob: Really, where does he live?
Bill: With his parents but still he got a dope ass car..
Bob:Actually my Evolution 8 could whip his ass *cell rings* Oh daym my girl's at my house naked gotta go!
by Andrew May 07, 2004
n. a small, cheap, economical means of transportation that, through an interesting twist of fate, has become incredibly popular with young people attempting to satisfy their youthful lust for speed. however, 9 times out of ten, the civic remains a small, cheap, economical means of transportation, except with approximately 30 thousand dollars worth of unusually shaped body pieces and enough performance equipment to keep up with actual sports cars (see camaro,trans am,mustang,m3,rx7,wrx, etc.
dood meh civic is soo small, cheap, and economical!!
by the vehicular aficionado February 27, 2004
a model of automobile under the Honda Co. Also known as a piece of shit.
"Whats that in the jon?"
"Its a civic"
by Anonymous November 16, 2002
One of the easiest cars to mod out, though it is not built or designed for that. A fuel efficient and light car. One of the best in its class, the Civic gets good gas mileage with lots of space. Many people downtalk the civic saying that it isn't powerful, rather than being a riceburner, it is a rice rocket. The civic is light with the power that it does have and can pick up speed quite fast when not weighted down.
I bought a Civic for its great gas mileage and reliability.
by Honda April 24, 2005
Just about the biggest piece of "shit" or "crap" ever built. Gets run circles around.
I watch the same civic get it's ass beat in a race everyday.
by civic=crap February 16, 2008
gay cars for people who don't want to take the time to trick out a real car like a supra, skyline, 3000gt vr4, Eclipse, mustang, camero just to name a few. For as much money as thoes stupid people put into their gay civic just to make them able to beat a go-cart, they could take all that money and buy a realy nice car that is probably faster stock than their tricked out civic with 10k + in mods. A civic is a very cheap car that can be run on rice, has 90 to about 100 hp if even that. When someone trickes out a civic they take an allready gay car and make it even more gay. Why would anyone want to put a muffler on a car that makes it sound like it is farting, that shure does not intimidate anyone. THE ONLY THING civics ARE GOOD FOR IS MAKING FUN OF THEM.
1. My lug nuts require more torque than your civic produces.

2. Racing a civic is like winning in the special olympics even if you win you are still retarded.

3. My car beat a civic in reverse, and the civic was in drive. (this realy happened)
by Patrick Gnam May 17, 2005
"Rice rocket" Peace of sh*t car that skinny white boys use to empress his friends.
Yo man check out my ride... a Mustang rolles by and dies laughing... check out that rice rocket man what a joke kids these days have no idea what real muscle is.
by Windle August 08, 2004

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