1) An economy car driven by lower middle class workers. Mediocre milage, and overall unreliable.

2) A rice burner that usually boasts a huge three foot spoiler or 747 wing, ridiculous stickers and trims, and an ugly neon paint job. The owners, usually teenagers who bought it by sacrificing the money in their college savings, are completely oblivious to the fact that their 4 cylinder front wheel drive car couldn't even compete with a Mack truck going uphill.
1) "I think I'll take my Honda civic to work and hope to God that I don't run out of gas."

2) My 8 cylinder Lexus usually proves to be more than a match against these ricers with their civics in a drag race.
by hatred May 28, 2003
Civic <noun> (sih-vik) (1) Cheap import economy car that will take you from point A to point B even after it has been completely run into the ground.

There are three types of Civic: Stock economy car, Sleeper, and Rice burner.

Stock economy car: Driven by a middle class average Joe who wants to save his money on gas and is smart enough to spend his money on something other than an expensive car. Car might have 120 hp if it is one of the top models. The car is driven heavily and used for exactly what it should be: cheap transportation from A to B.

Sleeper: Driven by another average Joe with the acception of a lead foot or car maintenance addiction. Hardly any exterior mods except for maybe some attractive rims or a lowered body. The modifications of a sleeper are almost completely internal. Car can range from a simple cold air intake for a few extra hp off the neighborhood stop sign or a complete engine swap nitrous conversion for the "wolf in sheep’s clothing" effect. Joe knows his civic is not designed to be fast and is placed in many stereotypes so the mods are for his addiction, enjoyment, and to help boost his overly low self esteem from having to drive a Civic.

Rice Burner: Driven by an idiot. Usually mods his car with allot of crappy, shiny plastic accessories that, in theory, make his car go faster than yours. Might put illegal mods on a stock engine or might just keep his car cosmetically "improved" and just try to make people think that his car goes faster than theirs. Car really is a bucket of bolts. Shiny bolts, but bolts none the less. Possibly one of the most annoying cars on the road because of its bad attitude, tendency to flip you off, and the 30 hp outboard motor sound emitted by its shiny new muffler tip.
Stock economy car: "I buy gas once a month and with all the money I saved was able to fix my credit!"

Sleeper: "Yes, I drive a civic. Yes, I have a speed addiction. Yes, I hate ricers. Yes, my car is faster than yours."

Rice burner: "DUDE! I raced a Buick last night and won! I left that old lady in the dust with my super fast and good looking car!"
by sixblindshadows June 05, 2006
The Civic hatchback is a great car for hotboxing.
Dude, we totally got fucked up when we hotboxed in your civic!
by El Burro April 14, 2004
A compact car offered by Honda Motor Co., in three body types: Sedan, coupe and hatchback. This car, in stock form, is a great gas-saver, and is rock-solid reliable, as proven by owners, Consumer Reports, and the endless odometers that read 300k miles and more. At one point, this car was found to be an entry-level "tuner", back when tuning was something to talk about. Today, every dick-face who watches TFATF, thinks because it has an "H" badge on it, that all you need is an array of tacky, useless parts and you are "sick", "dope", or any other term cholo-ass b**ners use to sound like a "real racer".

Bottom line, anybody who can sit here on this, or any other site, and shit-talk about Honda, or any car for that matter, without understanding what they are talking about, is about as inteligent as a rock. Alot of what you see on the street is "Rice", not somebody who actually takes pride in the car they drive. Fact: You will never catch a real Honda tuner with a park-bench wing, cheap-ass body kits, or 5" tip mufflers, just to name a few. Neons, "systems" (which add God knows how much weight to said "racer"), 17" wheels, Euro taillights, loud paint, and pretty much any other part that is a knock-off of something that real tuners are actually willing to dish out cash for and is a quality product. Also, you will also not catch them trying to race everybody in traffic, or hanging out in parking lots with strobes flashing, while standing outside their car, usually with a group of said "ricers". Out of boredom, I came here to see what people put for a definition for Civic, and was not suprised at how ignorant people are. Look, if are gonn aspend the time to vent how much you hate something, online or anywhere, at least know what the fuck you are talking about, and get your facts straight first, then type away, oh angry ones!
The Honda Civic is the staple of the tuning community, dating back to the mid-80's, and today is sadly the recipient of abuse, and misunderstanding.
by ATrueHondaEnthusiast February 09, 2008
Possibly the most useless class that kids today are forced to take. Learn about the government and about issues no one cares about.
Bob- Man, Civics class sucked major ass today.
Joe- Dude I jack off in the back of that class.
by Joe The Student. March 04, 2009
despite what the majority thinks, a very nice car. perhaps not fast, but very reliable. not really a poor mans car, nor ugly. we're upper middle class and drive one....not hondas fault that retards go off and by a 92 civic, slap a huge ass wing and euro taillights on it and loud ass exhaust. foreign jobs are better than domestics. ford = fucker only runs downhill
heywood jablowme
by phoenixseru83 March 15, 2004
A great example to define the term "rice rocket". Often modded with parts that don't do shit to improve the performance, but rather downgrade it in most cases. Even can be modded with more neon than your local quiky mart.

Yeah, some Civics can be made fast, and I've seen some beat the crap out of V8 cars (well not by much) like the Mustang or Camaro, but that's only after spending 2 to 3 times more money than what you could've spent on a much nicer and faster car.
Hey, i thought my Civic gained more HP by puting NOS stickers on the car!!!
by import_killer March 07, 2006
A car made for people with excuses.
"Well I lost the race but mine gets more hp/l."
The fact that a 4 cylinder can run with a v8 when using a turbo or nitrous and a ton of mods isnt very impressive.You can buy a civic and put $10,000 in mods into it and it can beat a vette. But when you wreck a civic ,u didnt ensure the turbo and other engine mods and i wreck a vette, guess who gets back what their car is worth. If you want a real value go buy a 5.0 mustang for about $5,000 and put about $10,000 and see what you run. Probaly about 8's in the 1/4 mile. And it wont sound like crap because i put a $40 auto-zone muffler on it either.
by w.c. January 30, 2004
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