The best car in the world. (I'm a Toyota man myself)
Yo, I was rollin down the strip just hollerin at some bitches. my honda was bouncin I cut the springs 3 inches. My neons are flashing with the beat of my bass
Just another Friday night and my Civics ready to race
I got mad props for days from all the races that I’m winning
And when I’m stopped at a redlight my hubcaps keep spinning
My Seat is layed back got my hat cocked to the side
My skin may be white but I claim asian pride
My FWD is just burning up the streets
While I got your head bobbin to this cold ass beat
Tearing down you block with my crazy ass drivin’
I’m ripping through your town like hurricane Ivan
Got the music blaring from my audiovox speakers
The crowd parts in half when I hit the strobes in my blinkers
People gather around looking kinda curious
They all wanted to know if I’m in the Fast and the Furious.
I got out of my car with my pants just saggin
Then popped open my hood so I could start bragging
Chrome exhaust tip with built in LED lights
Custom cold air intake made from PVC pipe
2 Jensen subs in the trunk that are bangin’ hard
Grill from Home Depot made from Gutter Guard
Reving up my exhaust at everything I drive by
Saw a Camero in the slow lane and gave him a ricer fly by
I got your mirrors vibrating from the bass of my subs
I told my momma for Crimus I want the Giovanni Dubs
I got Japanese symbols on the back of my car
If you could read Japanese it would say Type R
I got a carbon fiber wing that stands 3 ft high
It it was any bigger I’d be flyin’ in the sky
Fools driving driving domestics know that imports are superior
I got 15 horsepower just by painting my interior
I got more horsepower than the phonebooks got pages
And my speedometer reads 140 on my indiglo gauges
I got purple neons underneath that keep the ground lit
3 more paychecks and I’ll have my body kit
Got decals on the side of all the sponsors I wanna get
And they’ll all coming crawling cause this songs about to hit
I gotta get my Civic ready for the road to Nopi
When the judges see my car I’ll get the first place trophy
I’ll smoke any car at Hot Import Nights
The only thing you will see is my altezza taillights
Cause everybody knows Hondas are the fastest car yet
by Ray, I drive a Celica GTS May 04, 2005
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Top Definition
1)a japanese economy car
2)a car that teenager's rich parents buy them as a cheap relaiable transportation, but then they fuck it all up by putting huge fart cans and spoilers on then trying to drive fast and race everyone and thinking they are really cool but everyone is really just laughing at them because they are so goddamn stupid.
I drive a CIVIC, its so fast, last night I raced some kid on his tricycle and it was close but I beat him because my spoiler added an extra 20hp so that was the reason I won.
by RICEFUCKER April 12, 2003
A very reliable cheap car. Not meant to be a race car at all. Gets you from point A to B and saves gas.
With gas being close to $3.00 gallon, I'm glad I drive a civic and, I don't give a damn what people say!
by Irulan July 25, 2004
A 4 cylinder model manufactured by honda and available as a coupe, sedan, or hatchback depending on year and trim. High potential for modification, and even higher potential for retarded shitfucks to totally turn it into a rolling laughing stock. When modified by a character of taste, it can be quite a nice looking (and even fast) car.

There seem to be 3 major themes when it comes to modifiying a civic: JDM, Sleeper, and Rice. JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) characteristics include importing and installing parts from authentic JDM civics (or other japanese honda models) such as side markers, jap instrument clusters, steering wheels, and jap-spec racing wheels (spoon, mugen, 5Zigen, etc. or knockoffs (rota).

Sleeper: A car that remains mostly stock on the outside but has extensive modification to the motor such as a motor swap and a turbo or supercharger. Mild aesthetic and/or performance upgrades are generally suspension modifications (springs, shocks, adj. coilovers, sway bars, bushings, etc) brake upgrades (larger rotors, rear disks, etc), and upgraded, though still factory, alloys (Si, Integra GSR, etc).

Rice: All the rest of the fucking shit you see driving around. "Powered by honda" stickers, ugly altezza taillights, neon glow, heinous body kits (usually unpainted or primered and rarely color matched), stickers so thieves know what to steal, cheap universal mufflers welded to the stock exhaust pipe, cut springs (as opposed to aftermarket springs - you can tell if the springs are cut because the car bounces up and down while it drives on the straightest of roads), etc.

This is the best definition for a honda civic.
If I see another mexican driving a stock civic with a "powered by civic" sticker on the windshield I'm gonna shit.
by eerie April 13, 2005
JESUS-FUCKING-CHRIST! It's just a car. Plain and simple. It's a car made by Honda Motors, Co, designed to be an inexpensive ECONOMY car. The DX, Value Package, and LX models have a 112 horsepower engine, the EX model has a 127 hp engine (2004 sedan models), and the Si model has a 160 hp engine (2004 model). It's not made for racing, it's made to be fuel-efficient, which it is. Practically every website that has the word "Civic" in it, be it here, a forum, or anywhere else, has this damn argument about whether Civics are good racing cars or not. NOBODY CARES! Most of you probably don't own a car anyway!
The first car I owned a 1989 Honda Civic Hatchback in about 2002-ish. I didn't race it once, but whenever I mentioned I owned a Civic, people didn't care what year it was - they automatically thought I raced and that I was a ricer. Yeah, like I'd race in a car that had a horsepower range of 68-72. I learned to drive a stick shift in that car, that's about it.
by Matt August 08, 2004
An excuse for retarded fuckheads to come on and bitch and whine and fling shit at eachother back and forth, as if was a messageboard.
I destroyed your civic with a wrecking ball for airing your stupid "gay-fest" on like a 14 year old attention whoring little bitch.
The Civic is a car that was designed to be an entry level coupe/hatchback/sedan from Honda.... thats about it. It is very economical and an ease to drive. With gas arriving at record rates, I am sure glad to own one. Many definitions on this site state that a Civic is piece of shit..well compared to some other cars...its not so bad. Now on to the performance part. Civics arent designed to be raced or beat the cars that deserve to be fast. A Civic is simply a "me too" car. I drive a Civic .. but it is allmsot like no other... it will never see a performance part... ever. Honda designed this car as a beater around town and to take on the highway to acheive over 40 mpg... and thats really great!!!... when people started racing them ... those are the fucking idoits that cant afford the really nice cars... Mustangs.. Supras.. 300 ZX's ..etc..etc. This is a car that the parents buy for there teenagers that is cheap and reliable if taken care of ... so the Defintion of a Honda Civic?.... a beater to get you from point A to point B and not in a badass manner that many attempt it to be... thats all.....
You have a Civic?... omg ... me too !!!
by dasraceman May 16, 2005
Any of various imported cars which feature any of several defining characteristics:

- Enlarged exhaust tip to 'enhance the sound', usually chrome while the rest is not.
- Numerous stickers which, if applied correctly, add enough horsepower to make it beat "any V8".
- So-called "Body-kits" which, from what I gather, enhance the cars ability to be useless.
- V-Tec logos; can also be found on honda MiniVans.
- Incredibly unintelligent, obnoxious, and belligerent drivers.
- Senselessly large amounts of pointlessly oversized speakers and amplifiers.
- Shiny things that don't do anything.
- Rims of a size never, ever intended by the manufacturer to be attached to the car.
- "Home" lowering modifications which shorten tread-life of otherwise good tires while adding 0 performance enhancements.
- Pointless hoods made of some composte material with a colouration bearing absolutely no resemblance to the rest of the car.
- Novelty "wings" and "hood scoops" - often mistaken for NASA project parts or commercial airliner wings affixed to the back, regardless of the front-wheel-drive.

If for some reason, the person has the intelligence enough to open the hood and figure out how to affix any of various aftermarket modifications, the car might also feature:

- Numerous additional chrome pieces ('shiny things') which are illegal in California and don't really do anything.
- Several 'FAILED EMISSIONS' stamps on its title
- $1000-$12,000 in aftermarket parts which make the expense (not the value) of the car equal to a normal stock sports sedan with slightly lower performance and none of the features of the other cars
- Pointless bundles of "cable housing" wrapped around heavily insulated cords with no need to be in a cable housing.
- Perhaps a different engine than listed on the VIN, usually illegal or pointless because it costs more than the car's worth to do.
- Neon lights???
- An abundant amount of additional gauges, usually not wired to anything.
- Copious quantities of cosmetic modifications, added regardless of their effect on the appearance (usually negative).

The most interresting part of it all, is that the owners of these phenominal vehicles claim things such as: "with $10,000 in mods it's still cheaper than your mustang or corvette stock and faster".
They fail to see that in proclaiming this they've only insulted themselves. In order to make your vehicle equal to the other said vehicles, you require additional funding which can exceede the value of the car to add countless modifications and ONLY add to the mechanical performance aspect of the vehicle? After all this, your vehicle has now cost as much as my WRX, Mustang, or Camero? The part where you really fail to impress me, is in that your car is still a $10,000 P.O.S. on the inside and it might barely outperform mine, which is beautifully detailed and feature rich while still comfortable, leagel, under warranty, and less time consuming to achieve.

Okay, one more time: you have to spend MORE time, the SAME AMOUNT of money, and the ONLY benefit is a slight mechanical performance increase?

I rest my case. A Honda Civic is just a mediocre mid-sized sedan that costs less and offers no more. You're always going to simply GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.
"Hey Paco, I added $13,241 of shiz to my Civic and I beat a fully stock, 2 year older Camero by 0.2s! Did you know they're putting CD players in those cars stock? Mine cost me just as much and it still doesn't have one."
by Scott December 19, 2003
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