An expression indicating excessive or copius amounts; experessing several of one race or object
"Gay people city"
"People City"
"Those kids over there, are fat city"
by Halfblaked February 02, 2003
An acronym for "Can I touch you?"
Hey girl..CITY?
by phonke January 11, 2010
when you fuck a girl sideways, flip her over and splooge in her hair
I totally cityed that bitch jenn
by ChazNack June 10, 2009
see also shite, embarassing, and bitters.
City < United

In your bitter blue world, in your bitter blue world...
by International Bad Boy October 28, 2004
tha wonderful area known to tourists as San Francisco.
Boi..I'm from the city by tha bay..what thizz it?
by baybeeh January 17, 2007

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