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A brand of vodka, made from grapes and distilled five times. The brand is also owned by Sean "Diddy" Combs, who regularly promotes it through various outlets (twitter, youtube, mtv, etc)
Ciroc vodka is so good with welchs grape juice and lemonade made OG Diddy style.
by cclorox April 21, 2009
84 65
vodka brand prepared in FRANCE ,made from grapes,five times distilled. the brand is promoted by renown artist P DIDDY ;)
jim- u looking screwed man.
jones-yeah mah i had that CIROC wid lime last nite
by ADYAKA January 02, 2010
291 34
A brand of Vodka made from grapes.
Ciroc Vodka is a VERY good brand of Vodka, it's as smooth as water.
by PK303 November 25, 2006
146 52
the dopest or hottest girl in a place
Oh, shit, look over there; ciroc is definitly in the building.
by Mr. Shista August 31, 2006
38 128