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to cut off a males foreskin.
It is usually done in muslim and jewish countries. America is the only non jewish or muslim country where most males are circumcised. It is also the best treatment for phimosis and infections like balanitis.

It also prevents masturbation. This is entirely psychological due to being made to feel unhappy and inferior by anti circumcision activists and most of the other authors on this page, saying that circumcision is mutilation and decreases sexual pleasure. It makes the penis less sensitive which does not mean less pleasure. It increases staying power for better orgasms and is more enjoyable for both man and woman.
if all the anti circumcision activists didn't write all the crap about circumcision on the internet, circumcised men would not masturbate any less than uncircumcised men.
by dr sex May 29, 2006
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when you cut the skin off of a baby's penis for no good reason, when they're older they think they're better than guys who aren't circumcised, because they get less pleasure from their dick, and because they think they are cleaner.
circumcised guy: " ha ha, you're not circumcised, you have an ugly dick"

uncircumcised guy: "oh, i'm sorry i didn't get my dick chopped up when i was little because it's supposed to stop me from masturbating!"

circumcised guy: "oh shit man, u mean u get more pleasure than i will ever feel in my dried out little penis?!"

uncircumcised guy: "YEP!"
"look who's laughing now!"
by 65464982 May 31, 2005
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to remove the males foreskin because of excess foreskin.
jews laugh at uncircumcised men, moo hah hah I am superior. jews punish uncircumcised men by smacking them in the face with their own penis. alex it's time for your punishment or you will be sucking my cock instead so put your face up bitch "smack" "wack" alex: ow' uncircumcised cunts: "I'de like to be smacked in the face with your cock aswell" alex: " come on ryan and dave lets do it together!" uncircumcised cunts: YEAH!
by anonymous April 01, 2005
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