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Bald, without helmet, roundhead muthafucka!
Mine got taken, now my Putz is in a jar somewhere!
Produces a nice ledge after years of masturbation, can give good clitoral pleasure when inverted
Bethells got a mushroom!
Say what?
Damn, rooms was robbed of his ambition when he was circumcised!!!!
by Chinky Park St Lover March 04, 2004
NO/and or OWWWW
no...no.....NO.....AAAAAAHHHHHHH. damn it man that shit fuckin HURTS like a MOTHER FUCKER.
by ty February 13, 2004
One time a few wiffens past when kings, queens and jesters roamed the world, there was a king. He did bad things. He was a crooked king who wrongfully burned birds, chopped up chinese people, and threw their remains into his moat. On a certain day the albinos got fed up with his wrong doings. The albinos never did like to get tortured with red hot shafts being impaled into their belly buttons, how could you blame them anyway?
They snuck into the castle via the dungeon, they battled his hideous freaks that lurked in the dungeon and worked their way upstairs. To his bedroon they went where he lay sound asleep. They captured him, not a peep was heard by the guards who stood right outside of his bedroom door. They threw him from his window and had the most angry albino of the clan decapitate him. He swung, and missed, only slicing the top portion of his skull off completely.
The kings name was... Sir. Comesized.
The reason for the beheading of him... He was a dick.
Sir Cumsized once humiliated me in public at the local tavern.
by T-Jayzel May 24, 2005