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Term used in medical circles to describe a patient for whom death is impending and yet continues to cling to life
"Mrs. Robinson in room 203 has been circling the drain all week.. damn man, we really need the room!"
by Mister Defino December 11, 2004
adj. still alive, but about to kick the bucket, buy the farm, meet your maker, etc.
Grandpa was circling the drain for years, and finally bought the farm, leaving a large estate.
by fizzle April 10, 2004
When you are unsure if your partner is ok with sticking your figure in their butt, so you just circle around before you stick it in.
Yeah man, I was circling the drain until she said, "you can knock at the door, but you can't go in."
by skinnyb69 May 17, 2016
A sick music blog ran by the raddest of people.
Bitch #1 : Hey, I really need some new music, Im tired of listening to the same "Kill Yourself" Screamo bands.

Bitch #2: You should check out Circling The Drain, they post the raddest of rad, including gnar "Kill Yourself" screamo music.

Bitch #1 : Thanks, Im going to go masturbate to all the posters pictures.
by Livin and Killin August 17, 2010
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