punk rock band from the 90s
I got the circle jerk's CD 'gig' the other day
by Kate January 10, 2005
Gay male's arranged in a circle yanking one anothers puds till they shoot a load a cum.
Repcri pulls Todd's pud while sucking Marks pecker and diddling Bruce's asshole and tickleing his balls.
by Brucey August 22, 2004
A circle jerk is a kind of competition between guys where they have to sit in a circle. Then they put a cookie in the middle and they start to jerk off. Finally,the last one to come has to eat the cookie.
This time, it was Jimmy's turn to eat the circle jerk pudding.
by Greg July 27, 2003
Prostitutes term for a male who drives around the block looking at hookers but not picking one up.
one hooker to another when commenting on prospective client,
'ignore him, he's a circle jerk'
by n vaughan November 26, 2004
Those people in the circle of a G+ (GOOGLE+) who suffer from false beliefs, who have accepted idiotic doctrines and subsequently who cannot put forth cogent argument.
I didn't want to clog your stream with an essay, especially since I seem to offend your crazed socialist, communist circle jerks,
by Ketch Rudder October 06, 2011
When men stand around in a circle, and jack off onto a cookie, and the last one to cum on it has to eat it.
hahahahah Jon u jizzed last, eat that shit MOFO
by Trevor dear December 13, 2003
A situation that is completely inane and useless, frustratingly hopeless, almos always connected with work.
My boss is an idiot, you should have seen the circle jerk project we had to do this week to satisfy that egotistical moron.
by funlovincriminl August 09, 2003

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