The definition of Circle Jerk - COULD - be subject to regional differences. Like Pop in the Midwest is Soda everywhere else (each taking their small part of Soda Pop).

In the Midwest, in the 70's (when I was in Jr. High), the accepted meaning of Circle Jerk referred to a wanking party game with the last to go eating the unfortunate cracker the produce was aimed at. I take some stock in this definition as there is nothing quicker on the trigger than a Jr. High boy.

Plus they're still of an age where remedial body functions are an item of infinite fascination (do they ever REALLY outgrow that?), and what else would they do on long, dull, Winter nights?
These hors dourves look like circle jerk leftovers.
by w5 February 23, 2005
A circle jerk is when a male or female pours blood in a circle around her/his gentitials and masturbates.
Steve: John is busy "circle-jerking" with a few of his stupid friends, wanna go have a real Circle Jerk?
by JamesSmithIsHere January 31, 2015
When people get in a cirle and masterbate together for maximum pleasure. Then a woman get in the center and every man JIZZZZZZES on that bitches FACE!!!! she will oviously like it because it cum and girlz love hooooot<3 cum

-Dedicated to Brohee<33
We call got around eachother and circle jerked that ho.
by Stephanie Brohee May 16, 2008
A group discussion or activity between like-minded individuals (mostly men) that validates mutual biases or goals in a non-confrontational environment... While jerking each other off.
Circle Jerk- Diversity training was such a circlejerk.
by lobabyblendz November 18, 2014
The process of a bunch of annoying ass Asians from RMS furiously masturbating each other. They do this in an attempt to feel like they're super cool KPOP stars, but in reality, they just come off as fucking stupid. They enjoy blindlessly jerking each other, never missing an opportunity to pounce on any unconfirmed rumor and render it as fact. If you get caught inside this unstoppable circle jerk, you're fucked.
Andrew: Holy SHIT! I heard Sally and Sam are going out.
Andrew: *posts 20+ facebook statuses about sally+sam

Sam: Holy shit, what a circle jerk.
by CircleJerk May 13, 2014
When a Google+ user shares your post, pic or video outside its limited circle or group without your permission.
He's such a circle jerk for sharing that pic in my Google+ folder of my cum face to the public.
by mangodebango October 09, 2011
When a group of persons(usually male)stand in a circle around a large cookie and vigorously masturbate. The last one to arrive on the large cookie below must then consume the whole cookie.
"Dude, Ron ate it at the circle jerk on Friday."
by Jayman4:20 August 02, 2007
People who repeat the same actions over and over expecting different results but yet get nothing accomplished and wonder why.
"Poor me" saps that are confused about why they have the same problems continuously and put the blame on everyone or everything else around them.
They're just a bunch of "circle jerks"....not going anywhere...but always doing something.
by Betty Crawford December 21, 2007
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