The definition of Circle Jerk - COULD - be subject to regional differences. Like Pop in the Midwest is Soda everywhere else (each taking their small part of Soda Pop).

In the Midwest, in the 70's (when I was in Jr. High), the accepted meaning of Circle Jerk referred to a wanking party game with the last to go eating the unfortunate cracker the produce was aimed at. I take some stock in this definition as there is nothing quicker on the trigger than a Jr. High boy.

Plus they're still of an age where remedial body functions are an item of infinite fascination (do they ever REALLY outgrow that?), and what else would they do on long, dull, Winter nights?
These hors dourves look like circle jerk leftovers.
by w5 February 23, 2005
A fun Game
Let's go back to the Station House.Circle Jerk...Glaze some donuts
by Gothic Bob May 10, 2003
Someone who is being a genuine douchebag on Google+. They can either be making a bunch of really stupid updates, making rude comments on your posts, or +1ing updates about your grandmother dying.
Person 1: Dude, can you believe what Mark posted on Google+ last night?
Person 2: Nah dude, he was being such a Circle Jerk.

Person 1: I posted, "RIP Love you grandma," on my Google+ last night and Mark +1'd it.
Person 2: He thinks he's so funny, but really he's just a Circle Jerk.
by sillyrob July 11, 2011
A group of men who stand in a circle and use the right hand to masturbate for the man behind him. Usually a big hit at parties! Its all usally for a good cause.
The circle jerk at your house last night was great!
by circajerkgalore April 29, 2010
When guys stand in a circle and jerk off, preferably onto a willing woman participant.
The guys at the frat party did a circle jerk initiation.
by RiCK_420 December 20, 2009
An emotionally cruel and vicious "game" played by conspiring adolescent males which targets an unsophisticated, unsuspecting co-male (often one that exhibits gay tendencies). The conspiring males convince the target to participate in a "circle jerk" ("...ya, we've all done it before, it's fun ...") see related definitions. The game is played in the dark. The first to ejaculate wins. The conspiring boys make appropriate sounds by dragging their finger nails down their flys, pulling/flapping their cheeks, etc. Of course, the target always comes first and "wins." The light is flicked-on. Laughter & mayhem follows.
Q: "Did you hear about Ted last night? Jack and and his freinds got him in a circle jerk!" A: "Ted?... I always knew he was a 'circle jerk.'"
by cruelshoe November 19, 2005
A jerk with a crappy accoustic guitar who sits in a circle surrounded by other like-minded people playing the same crappy chord over and over and singing really bad home made lyrics, most commonly found on University Campus' and parks.
Guy 1: Aw dude another Circle Jerk.

Guy 2: When will he realize he sucks ass at guitar?
by Justice Is Raped September 30, 2009
The practice of expressing emotions, feelings, and impractical sentiments as a means of bonding or gaining appreciation for the members of your team. Related activities may include, but are not limited to making lists, repeatedly affirming one's consent with another persons already expressed opinion, etc.

Oftentimes 'circle-jerking' will occur during meeting times when people feel the need to express their own opinions over and over for the sake of hearing their own voice. Furthermore, they will speak in circles, never actually reaching a point, therefore, appearing like a total jerk off...the entire session then seems like youve experienced a circle-jerk.
Brian: What are we doing at meeting?

Karen: You know we're just going to make lists and circle-jerk like always.
by Obvi Goake September 10, 2008

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