When taylor and pascal jerk each other off in a room alone without anyone knowing. But in reality they are gay for each other.

other wise means gay.
Dude you circle jerk. (directed towards pascal or taylor)
Taylor and pascal always circle jerk.

Ahh ur pulling a circle jerk bro.
by the master funk August 24, 2011
When people get in a cirle and masterbate together for maximum pleasure. Then a woman get in the center and every man JIZZZZZZES on that bitches FACE!!!! she will oviously like it because it cum and girlz love hooooot<3 cum

-Dedicated to Brohee<33
We call got around eachother and circle jerked that ho.
by Stephanie Brohee May 16, 2008
When a group of persons(usually male)stand in a circle around a large cookie and vigorously masturbate. The last one to arrive on the large cookie below must then consume the whole cookie.
"Dude, Ron ate it at the circle jerk on Friday."
by Jayman4:20 August 02, 2007
To do the popular dance The Jerk, in a subway with a group of atleast 3 people, while chanting "Circle jerk! Circle jerk!" enthusiastically.
It is an extremely cool way to seem sophisticated in the subway situation.
1. Stef and Ali yelled at the passangers to circle jerk with them!
2. You can't circle jerk alone.
3."You're a jerk"
-"I know"

"So let's circle jerk!"
by DoubletroubleA March 01, 2010
People who repeat the same actions over and over expecting different results but yet get nothing accomplished and wonder why.
"Poor me" saps that are confused about why they have the same problems continuously and put the blame on everyone or everything else around them.
They're just a bunch of "circle jerks"....not going anywhere...but always doing something.
by Betty Crawford December 21, 2007
Circle Jerk is also a term used by road racing fans to describe an oval racing driver. Typically these are IRL and NASCAR drivers who go around in circles all day.
NASCAR drivers are just a bunch of circle jerks.
by bdogg May 04, 2004
I went to the University of Illinois in Chicago in the 60's. Back then it was know as the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, due to it's proximity to a large circular expressway interchange. One day I came home from school and my dad asked me "How is my favorite Circle Jerk doing?" Very funny!After that I started to use the term Circle Jerk to describe some of my teachers and fellow students.
My math teacher is a real Circle Jerk.
by Mongoose March 09, 2004

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