A game on MXC where contestants pick a ball out of a box and the color they get determines who they face. It is kinda like sumo wrestling. There is always 2 scrawny guys a muscle guy and the master sumo man, and sometimes raplh is there too with his famous "the green teabagger"
Oh looks like you've picked purple, your going against the purple dong!
by mxc luver December 12, 2004
A circle jerk is the abrupt, jerking stop after pulling the handbrake while doing doughnuts in a car.
I got Whiplash from that circle jerk
by moonlight rose May 12, 2015
A circle in which filled with lame/uninteresting people, bitches or people that you dislike, or some sort of disagreement; philosophy, idealistic ways, knowledge etc. And or a circle devoid of and interesting subject, Or a combination of the two
Lets get out of this circle jerk, Its getting lame
by DixieH13 November 19, 2010
mutual admiration society, patting each other on the back, a group of mainly men talking about how good they are, reference to a group of gay men giving each other pleasure (reacharound), we are all so great
DjWheat: -Hey EGInControl! What a great caster you are!
EGInControl: -Yeh well your not so bad either AND you got a hot wife!
DjWheat: All of us oldgard e-sport guys have hot wife's....

...Except Slasher... Fuck Slasher...
EGInControl: Noop, let's stop the circlejerk and get on with the podcast.
by Copmuter November 18, 2013
A group discussion or activity between like-minded individuals (mostly men) that validates mutual biases or goals in a non-confrontational environment... While jerking each other off.
Circle Jerk- Diversity training was such a circlejerk.
by lobabyblendz November 18, 2014
The process of a bunch of annoying ass Asians from RMS furiously masturbating each other. They do this in an attempt to feel like they're super cool KPOP stars, but in reality, they just come off as fucking stupid. They enjoy blindlessly jerking each other, never missing an opportunity to pounce on any unconfirmed rumor and render it as fact. If you get caught inside this unstoppable circle jerk, you're fucked.
Andrew: Holy SHIT! I heard Sally and Sam are going out.
Andrew: *posts 20+ facebook statuses about sally+sam

Sam: Holy shit, what a circle jerk.
by CircleJerk May 13, 2014
When a Google+ user shares your post, pic or video outside its limited circle or group without your permission.
He's such a circle jerk for sharing that pic in my Google+ folder of my cum face to the public.
by mangodebango October 09, 2011

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