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a 'game' popular with Frat Boys where a group of them stand in a circle & masterbate in a contest until the last one to ejaculate loses. Similar to a Wet Toast Party but without the bread
Are Circle Jerks gay? No, not if you're a Frat boy and practice Date Rape
by Ba‘al Zebûb August 05, 2005
31 20
a lot of work without accomplishing anything
Joe - How'd work go today?
Bob - It was like a 5 man circle jerk.
Joe - That bad huh?
by Keyzer Korleone August 07, 2009
12 3
A webmaster lingo for a website that redirects traffic from one website to a circle of websites, to "jerk" or otherwise pester the surfer to eventually purchase something due to frustration of being redirected from page to page that lacks content. Porn TGP are commonly known to employ circle jerk tactics.
Google "TGP porn" and see how hard it is to get to the page you really want. Few TGP are legitimate like thehun that don't have circle jerk scripts.
by flashbang65535 October 25, 2006
20 11
Circle jerk means when a group of people are set out to do something but instead bullshit and waste time sitting or standing around. It can also mean a group a guys standing around jerking off.
I told you guys to clean up the building, but instead I walk in on this circle jerk.
by Aaron September 29, 2004
18 10
A fun Game
Let's go back to the Station House.Circle Jerk...Glaze some donuts
by Gothic Bob May 10, 2003
27 19
When guys stand in a circle and jerk off, preferably onto a willing woman participant.
The guys at the frat party did a circle jerk initiation.
by RiCK_420 December 20, 2009
17 10
1. When a group of people usually dudes get into a circle and jerk each other off

2. a individual who does not fit into the "punk" category but who rejects many ideals which the "punk" lifestyle rejects such as conforming to peers

3. One of the greatest hardcore bands to come out of the 80s, the lead singer being a former member of Black Flag
you guys wanna get together for a circle jerk tonight?

hes not a punk, just a stupid circle jerk

i got fucked up at a circle jerks show last night
by sector 9 June 20, 2005
25 18