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Act of revenge in the workplace expressed by farting in some one's cube after they extended a corporate meeting for no good reason while you have to take a violent dump. The extension of the corporate meeting causes you mild bodily harm and near public embarrassment as you ALMOST crap your pants. The key here is ALMOST, for a true Cintas the one who has to take the dump does successfully makes it to the thunder mug without crapping his or her pants and thus avoids any workplace disciplinary action.

The individual who farts in someone's cube is called a Cintaser and the individual who is the recipient of the fart is the Cintasee. Eating a healthy sized Mexican or chilli meal prior to executing a Cintas can potentially improve the overall outcome.
Phil cintased Tom because he extended the operations meeting longer than need be.
by Cintas Observer October 23, 2013
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