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It is like the shocker but with a mix, it exactly the same procedure (two in the pink one in the stink) but you cross your pointer and index finger before inserting them into the "pink"
I thought the shocker was good but the cinnamon twist was amazing!

Man she got so tired of the shocker so I made up the cinnamon twist.
by Kelsey Kennedy-LeBlanc January 04, 2006
The act of jizzing in someone's butthole and coating the jizz in cinnamon sugar. The man proceeds to use his tongue in a corkscrew motion, creating a jizz/cinnamon twist concoction.
I found a way to bring my love of cinnamon into the bedroom. It's called the Cinnamon Twist. (Definition above)
by Jizzem McGinty October 30, 2013
1. A delicious yet unwholesome product sold at Taco Bell.

2. A form of sex rated 8 on the kinky scale, where a woman spreads cinnamon on her stomach. She would then give a man a handjob, forcing him to ejaculate on the woman's stomach so that the semen mixes with the cinnamon. The women would then enjoy a wholesome snack as she sucked up the mixture, preferably with a bendy straw.
1. Dave: Wanna go to Taco Bell?

Cheryl: Yeah, I love their cinnamon twists!

2. Dave: Let's do some hardcore swallowing.

Cheryl: How about we just have a cinnamon twist instead?

It tastes much better.
by Brenener June 24, 2011