The use of any warming-type lubricant during anal sex
We never use the warming KY, since she got a taste of the cinnamon stick she's afraid it will burn like a motherfucker
by Sinnabon March 26, 2008
Top Definition
The act of using ones finger to acquire ball or crotch sweat and then wipe it under another mans nose.
When I got done with my 4 mile jog, I gave Nick a nasty cinnamon stick.

Man I got a cinnamon stick this morning and I can't get the smell out of my dick broom!
by Chief Nessler September 09, 2007
A cinnamon stick occurs when one person digs his/her own finger deep in their own filthy, dank asshole and then smears that finger beneath the nose of an unsuspecting victim (usually while sleeping or unconscious).
I was so pissed at Curt last night that I gave that bastard a cinnamon stick after he passed out.
by Mr. Log June 29, 2006
A bull's dick; because bull's seman is said to taste like cinnamon
"Come here Dumples! Bring me your cinnamon stick!"

"hey, I'm gonna need another bucket, this one's overflowing!"
by Thick and Chunky August 23, 2009

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