butt hole
My you have a lovely cinnamon ring
by kb69 November 20, 2003
Top Definition
the discolored area around the poopshoot, looks like cinnamon but tastes like death.
"ew i just touched my own cinnamon ring with my tounge! i didnt even think that was possible, what a mistake! i think im gonna throw up..."
by grndl_sniffer March 10, 2005
a cute name for a female's anus.
Hey Karin can i pound your cinnamon ring?
Please Scott show me some brown love!!
by Nigel&Scott July 31, 2005
What we call sellouts or hypocrites!
Crystal is such a Cinnamon ring, she sold us out for those losers
by Cinnamon Shed May 16, 2007
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