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A cinephile is basically the pedophile of cinema/film/movie. They will imitate any movie or dress up as a character from the movie. Becareful for them, they can get you into the mood. The Lonely Island did a song with a Cinephile.
Examples of Cinephiles:

Michael Bolton
Brian Cardentey
Shane Dawson
Johnny Depp
by A Possible Cinephile May 13, 2011
83 118
A film or movie enthusiast.
A lot of cinephiles enjoy Pulp Fiction.
by Lauren01 August 22, 2006
4439 1946
cinema enthusiast
Michael Bolton is a real cinephile.
by heva deer May 13, 2011
300 61
Cinephilia is the term used to refer to a passionate interest in cinema, film theory and film criticism.

Apparently Michael Bolton is a major cinephile according to Andy of The lonely island
Michael Bolton:
This whole town’s a pussy
Just waiting to get fucked!
Okay it turns out Michael Bolton is a major cinephile
//Jack Sparrow by The Lonely Island Ft. Michael Bolton
by Rockon102 May 16, 2011
188 50
1. A film or movie enthusiast.
2. Michael Bolton
"It turns out, Michael Bolton is a major Cinephile!
by WHR1333 May 26, 2011
52 15
One addicted to films.
"I love films, I consider myself a bit of a cinephile..."
by godfather March 11, 2005
23 7
someone who thoroughly likes movies, and many times will go out of their way to quote and tell their friends about movies.
Michael Bolton is a major cinephile.
by plantieri May 26, 2011
20 6
A person that is so enthusiastic about films and film and general it should be against the law, as is the case with pedophiles.

A Cinephile is never ceases to talk about how fantastic (or not) the most recent film they saw was, and how what's happening to them right now is just like the scene from a specific movie you've probably never seen, but they insist is a classic.
They also quote movie quotes and do character impressions ALOT.
Most Notable Example - The Lonely Island: (rapping about being a boss in the club)
Michael Bolton: This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow! A pirate so brave, on the seven seas!

Student: I can't beleive how much homework I have to do, this is crazy!
Cinephile: Crazy? No. THIS IS SPARTA!!!
Student: Shut the fuck up.

Wife: It's 4 in the morning! Where were you all night!? And why do you smell like lube and cheap cologne?! I want the truth!
Cinephile Husband: You can't handle the truth!
Wife: I want a divorce.
by ReconJohn May 26, 2011
24 18