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In the ancient days of the 1970s, when dinosaurs ruled the earth and men were tiny squeaking rodents (not all that much has changed), a cinderella fuck was getting intercourse from a girl in her dorm room before the curfew when men were thrown out of the women's dorms. If you were really lucky, she'd want to get started early, but a lot of women preferred to start the cinderella fuck at about ten minutes to midnight. The opposite of a "rule of half past four."
"So you getting any?"

"I got about five minutes of a cinderella fuck before the PA announced 'all men off the floor.'"
by Old Lang Guy August 20, 2007
24 14
When you fuck a girl, then steal one of her shoes.
I cinderella fucked that girl from the bar last night... and her loafer smells like fish.
by Bobby Mathis June 23, 2007
21 12