To fart in an enclosed space subject to traffic and quickly leave, with no one recognizing the culprit.
First defined by online cartoonist Drew (of the Toothpaste for dinner series)
I left a Cincinnati Air-Freshener in the elevator right before I got out.
by DougWL January 13, 2006
Top Definition
A fart left in an empty elevator for future occupants to experience.
Some smart-ass left a Cincinnati air freshener in the elevator at work this morning. 38 floors I had to go up with that stench.
by jpleakis July 11, 2006
n. a fart left in an elevator for future occupants to experiance
Dude 1:dude i just totally cincinnati air freshener'ed that elevator
Dude 2:dude youre whack
by Patrick from Atown December 08, 2006
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