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(noun, adjective): Traditionally, a brown noser is a person that likes to suck up or hang off the balls of a superior (boss, or teacher). A Cincinnati Brown Noser is quite different, it is much more sexual in nature. The proper definition is when a man 69's a woman with him being on top, in the process he sharts on her face, effectively gving her a brown nose. Also, another way to know it's the real deal is if the man laughs for at least 5 minutes after the deed is done.
Guy: "Dude did you here buddy gave his girl a Cincinnati Brown Noser, he said he laughed for 5 minutes uncontrollably, isn't that awesome!!"

Dude: "Wow guy that's dope, I better go eat some Skyline Chili, cause I was planning on doing the same thing tonight!!"
by frizzby April 02, 2007
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