after sex with a condom, the man waits for the woman to fall asleep, then ties the condom around her neck the same way a bowtie is tied, before sneaking out.
After i went home with that chick from the bar, i fucked her, she passed out, i gave her a Cincinnati bowtie and got the hell out of there.
#cincinnati #bowtie #condom #sex #mean
by got heem January 27, 2011
A bowtie made in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Eric: Hey Joe! Nice bowtie! Where did you buy it, New Orleans?

Joe: No, this is a Cincinnati bowtie.

Eric: Nice...
#cincinnati #bowtie #tie #clothing #ohio
by Chigglywiggly January 08, 2010
After having sex, the man removes his condom and slaps it on the woman's neck/chest. The semen is used as an adherent.
After fucking her, I pulled off my rubber and gave that bitch a Cincinnati bowtie
#cincinnati #bowtie #condom #sex #semen
by tony119 April 23, 2009
When you fuck a girl with a tracheotomy, in her tracheotomy and blood pours over the sides of her neck.
That handicapped chick was so kinky, she let me give her a Cincinnati bowtie.
#cleveland steamer #alabama #angry pig #cherry cream pie #dirty sanchez
by jonesmyth November 04, 2009
When a male inserts his erect penis into the mouth of an invalid while using the person's ears as a form of power steering.
Was working the afternoon shift at the Happy Acres Home when Mrs. Norman in B12 was gasping and pointing to her mouth; I knew immediately that she wanted a Cincinnati bowtie.
#kinky #sex #elderly #senior citizen #blow job #throat fucking
by cumqwat April 10, 2007
The act of tying a used condom around the female's neck after sexual intercourse.
There was no trashcan, so I gave Cindy a Cincinnati BowTie
by Pantalone Jones September 21, 2005
The Cincinnati Bowtie is when you take a hot steamy shit on a womans upperbreast or neck, then sit down so it squishes outward in a bowtie direction.
I gave this bitch a cleveland steamer, but then i desided to go all out and do the Cincinnati Bowtie, I had dingleberries for a week.
#cincinnati bowtie #cleveland steamer #shit #dingleberries #bowties #jason carr
by Bob Barkers April 25, 2006
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