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Something cool, sick, or otherwise remarkable. Derived from the misspelling of "cool", it is used primarily on the internet, similarly to "pwned".
trustycat218: I got a new car today!
cactus_jag3: ciik!
by D.Dragon May 24, 2006
2 1

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A common misspelling of cool... Some have given it a higher value because of its phonetic similarities with sick. This is only an option and up to your discretion.
Teh intarwebs are hella ciik!
by rickytickytambo August 28, 2006
19 6
another way to spell "sick". used to describe something cool; amazing; awesomely awesome. it's an overall cooler way to spell sick. but only use it if it's seriously cool.
"dude, that's a ciik way to spell sick!"
by Sarah&Emily July 30, 2005
7 5
A kick-ass spelling for sick. But wait, you asshole. Don't just go out and start using this. You can only use it when something is cool like a sick basketball move or something, not like a person with AIDS. Jesus, I thought you would have known that.
1. That was a ciik basketball move.

2. Chrissy has ciik tennis skills.
by Kap March 29, 2005
6 6