another way to spell "sick". used to describe something cool; amazing; awesomely awesome. it's an overall cooler way to spell sick. but only use it if it's seriously cool.
"dude, that's a ciik way to spell sick!"
by Sarah&Emily July 30, 2005
Top Definition
A common misspelling of cool... Some have given it a higher value because of its phonetic similarities with sick. This is only an option and up to your discretion.
Teh intarwebs are hella ciik!
by rickytickytambo August 28, 2006
Something cool, sick, or otherwise remarkable. Derived from the misspelling of "cool", it is used primarily on the internet, similarly to "pwned".
trustycat218: I got a new car today!
cactus_jag3: ciik!
by D.Dragon May 24, 2006
A kick-ass spelling for sick. But wait, you asshole. Don't just go out and start using this. You can only use it when something is cool like a sick basketball move or something, not like a person with AIDS. Jesus, I thought you would have known that.
1. That was a ciik basketball move.

2. Chrissy has ciik tennis skills.
by Kap March 29, 2005
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