Something you use to smoke with. In British, cigarettes are called "fags".
Mike (British): Yo dude I just smoked a fag.
Harold (Asian): Yeah I had a cigarette last night too.
Mike: Yeah I love fags.
Tyler (American, just walking in): WTF?
by TheShinyVaporeon May 23, 2012
1. Cancer Stick
2. Handheld Death Trap
3. a bad/expensive habit
"Get That (Cigarette)Cancer Stick out My Face"
by Jay2daDtotheT July 09, 2009
A drug containing nicotine and tobacco, leading cancer to the lungs and therefore spreading throughout the body. Also known as cancer sticks. Not as powerful as a ciger
"Jackie, you gotta stop smoking cigarettes."
by Aeon_King April 11, 2006
A highly controversial, highly profitable product on the market that is made to be smoked.

It is under fire because it destroys the human body in innumerable ways, is highly addictive, and has no medical benefit whatsoever. Generally, people who have been smoking for an extended period of times regret the experience and try to quit in vain (due to the fact that nicotine, a highly addictive substance, is contained in cigarettes). There are many strategies to quitting smoking such as a nicotine patch or chewing gum, designed to satiate the smoker's need for nicotine without killing the buyer.

Despite the fact that these products aimed at helping people quit smoking are making off very well, cigarettes are being banned in some other countries, and the discover that cigarettes contain types of poison and unsavory ingredients, this does not stop the average brain-dead teenager from picking up a pack and effectively inducing five different kinds of hell on their lungs.

Meanwhile, most other people regard them as complete idiots, and they will too, ten years down the line. Cigarettes are the things that some kids in every generation pick up and, being the stupid asshats that they are, think is actually helping them in some twisted way; when in fact, they will look back in twenty years when they are diagnosed with leukemia, mutter, "Wow, I was such a stupid asshat back then.". Then they will have stupid asshat kids, and those kids will, despite their parents' warnings, smoke cigarettes thinking that it's helping them in some twisted way.

Because as we all know, Stupidity is much stronger than logic, fact, and desire to keep one's lungs intact.
There are many corporations that profit off of human ignorance and people devoid of their own fucking brains, but none as much as the companies producing cigarettes.
Cigarette smokers create ugly, stinking mess everywhere they go. Smoking invariably causes bad breath in smokers. Most of the adult smokers can’t quit it because it’s extremely addictive, and they are helpless pussies.
I wld never want to kiss a smoker chick with bad breath. cigarette smoking is just the most stupid way of harming yourself and others around you. cigarettes are antisocial.
by Sm0k1ngs k1LLz February 14, 2008
Very addictive drug that is deadly for the one smoking and anyone unfortunate enough to be around them. It is more powerful than family bonds. It causes the addict to stink long after the cigarette was snubbed out. They can trigger migraines as well.
I'm sorry Brenda, I'll have to drive a separate vehicle fifty miles to our sister's house as your cigarette smoking could trigger one of my migraines. Brenda say's "Ok, Betty. I'll drive my car and you can drive yours. I cannot do without my cigs that long. It would be nice to have your company but the cigarettes are my life."

Doris paid fifty dollars an ounce for that perfume only to smell like a nasty cigarette.
by Playon August 27, 2006
Something that weak minded people start doing in order to fit in or feel cool, because they arent interesting enough to do so on their own, then continue despite them tasting like crap and making them sick The smoker continues until they get addicted enough that the taste becomes good to them.

Knowing full well that the habit will kill them, most likely sometime between age 35 and 55, the young smoker makes many attempts to quit, failing over and over, because like said, they are weak minded.

The cigarettes become a crutch for people not mentally tough enough to handle their own problems, and said smokers trick themselves into thinking that smoking makes them feel less stressed.

Despite the fact that the average smoker attempts to quit at least 10 times in their lifetime, they will act like they enjoy doing it and dont want to stop. This is because they want to trick themselves and others into thinking that they smoke because they enjoy it, rather than because they are too weak of a person to stop.

Smokers are completely oblivious to the fact that the brands that they are loyal to are proudly profiting off of killing them.

Many young women start smoking because they think it will make them thinner, and are too lazy to jog or eat correctly. These women are typically not smart enough to understand that the 80% of people who don't smoke will find the nasty teeth, pre-mature aging, terrible smell, terrible taste when kissing, constant coughing and sicknesses to be far more unattractive than the 10 pounds that they lost.

Dont be mean to smokers, feel bad for them, like you would for a whale that accidentally beaches itself trying to find fish.
1. I'm having a really bad day, but I'm too much of a pussy to handle it like a man, so I'll go smoke a cigarette until the problem goes away.

2. I've tried to be interesting and entertaining, but I'm just not cool enough. I guess the only way to appear interesting is to get used to the taste of poison.

3. liek omg im so ugly bcuz i have a few pounds of fat on my stomac i shud smoek cigz so ill lose it then ill look good omg

4. Hey, I thought smoking cigarettes would make me look pretty, why do I look 40 already?? And why does my voice sound like a 80 year old on life support?

5. Whoops, I just spent the past 20 years trying to convince myself that i didn't want to quit smoking, now I'm 38 and have been told that I have 1 year to live. Would have been nice to see my children graduate, but this early death was totally worth being a slave and feeling like crap for 20 years!
by IamNotaDumbass August 04, 2009
a cigarette is something that people smoke. They get sick. They were under the impression that inhaling smoke was somehow better for you than inhaling oxygen.
'I thought cigarettes made your skin look better'

'no, it just makes you socially repugnant in california.'
by I am patchouli April 09, 2007

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