Something you use to smoke with. In British, cigarettes are called "fags".
Mike (British): Yo dude I just smoked a fag.
Harold (Asian): Yeah I had a cigarette last night too.
Mike: Yeah I love fags.
Tyler (American, just walking in): WTF?
by TheShinyVaporeon May 23, 2012
The act of lighting a Blue Angel while receiving fellatio.
the missus told me we had lost that certain spark in our relationship. So i lit a cigarette next time she gave me a blow. Was she ever impressed.
by fire bug August 26, 2009
a song by The Wreckers
(1) "Smoke my cigarettes. I should quit, I know. Maybe someday someone will see my worth, but until then, I'll do just fine with my cigarettes and this old dirt road".

2) If Jessica Harp of The Wreckers met me when she wrote the song "Cigarettes", she'd probably add, "Or Karen's ex-staff will see me in chemo. And, no, I don't smoke cloves like they did, either".
by Karen Stickney November 13, 2007
Cancer on a stick. Nuff said
Me: If I were president, i would force every smoker to use a stop-smoking aid, then put a ban on cigarettes
by filmguy619 July 23, 2010
Tobacco wrapped into a stick. Contains 43-ish carcinogens, including tar and nicotine.
Crazy bum: "If America was the best country in the world they would ban cigarettes!!"

*walks down street*

by the awful truth July 10, 2008
Shit made smoke-able. I dont know why someone would smoke a second cigarette after smoking their first one. It tastes like shit in your mouth, makes you cough (1st time), dosent get you high. So why would someone in their right mind keep smoking until they get addicted, and screw themselves over. It dosent make sense to me..
Person- Hey man wanna smoke a cigarette?
Me- Sure, why not.
*toke, cough, cough, cough*

Me- Wow, that sucked ass, im never doing that again.
by intelligentintellectual January 21, 2008
Tobacco rolled up in paper with a filter. They are smoked in order to obtain the nicotine in the tobacco. Some people are social smokers (1-3 a day) and some are heavy smokers (a pack a day). Some smoke even more.

Cigarettes were cool and acceptable in the 1920s-1960s but today they are considered uncool. They are responsible for many deadly diseases like lung cancer and strokes. In many parts of North America you can only smoke outside, in your home or in certain hotel rooms. People look like idiots when they try to hold them.

For those earlier posters who try to defend smoking: You're not fooling anyone. We are trying to help you realize you are wasting your money on something that will kill you. Don't ask for sympathy when you get lung cancer from me. Smoking is the most disgusting habit in the face of the earth and if you smoke, you're inferior.
Look at all the people with cigarettes outside the office building. They are so uncool.
by Marshall Rousso August 24, 2006
n. a little cigar that is wrapped with paper and not tobacco leaves.
"my definition of cigarrette is the best. it should be in the OED."
by jim June 24, 2003

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