The most badass manliest instrument a person can smoke or something to do when you got an hour to kill. It gets you buzzed and lightheaded.
Also can be a huge crap you took after a night of drinking.
The cigar shit I had last night while smoking a cigar was the size fricken the size of a Churchill!
by ABI January 12, 2009
Acronym for "Can I get a ride?"
Also, without the period or capital IGAR, a pretty boss giant cigarette.
Friend: How are you getting there?
You: I don't know, C.I.G.A.R.?
Friend: Moooooooooch, whatever.
by slightlyvolcom May 15, 2010
What cigarette smokers don't know they're missing. Try Phillies Titan cigars.
mmmmmmm, cigar, tastes like candy
by SLAYtanic February 13, 2005
One who thinks the more smoke he filled the hut with the more fish he will catch, when icefishing.
John is being such a cigar today, and it's actually working for a change.
by Whisperer January 27, 2009
it is a smoking product that some people can mistake for a penis.
"sometimes a cigar is a cigar, yeah and sometimes its a big brown dick!" -George Carlin
by my foot= in your ass May 30, 2005
Huge non-filtered pieces of rolled tobacco (tobacco rolled in tobacco leaves) that are heavy in nicotine and in large numbers can kill you.
Hey, man, don't smoke that bigass cigar. Here, have a cigarette.
by Injun in front of the Cigar Store December 05, 2003
a slang word for a thick, long, cigar shaped turd or fecal matter
My dog left a cigar on the floor of my mom's room.
by jizzhooligans September 14, 2006
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