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a really short hyper always happy girl!
she sometimes looks like snooki and she loves to be loud!
almost everyone loves her and she has really dark eyes and light brown hair! she is know to be good at revenge.
and she is expected to acheave her goals and dreams!
and there always easy to love there just so lovable!
hey snooki i bet your not as fun as cici over there!
by ladycapricontheunicorn:D August 17, 2011
61 26
Cici is the most commonly used word for women's breasts in Bulgaria.It's a little rude, but...who cares?
Dude, look at the size of her cici!

Pich, gley taya kvi cici ima!
by Predator-S September 28, 2005
115 84
Pronounced, "see-sees", sometimes "sick-ees", is a fast food pizza buffet establishment where people go to gorge themselves on all you can eat pizza. Typically, one's first run through the buffet line results in a single plate stacked with 5-10 slices of pizza.

Later, the consumer will spend hours in the restroom with diarrhea shooting out of his/her butt.
Jim: I have $5.99 and I'm hungry.
Bob: Let's eat at Cici's.
Jim: Good idea. It's been a while since I've had pizza or diarrhea.
by Manfred Manley December 03, 2010
28 9
Acronym for "Can I Cum Inside?"

CICI is a phrase used in situations of random humor, from man-to-man after sighting an attractive female, or out loud as a cat call to an attractive female.

Originated at the University of San Francisco
*Attractive Female Walks*


*Fist bumps male friend*
by Yung Savii Extras Daddy April 14, 2014
3 1
a little girl who likes to sucks her thumb to much
and often touches peoples butts
she also likes to poop red
also means boobies
likes many men -- promiscuous
look at them cici's!
cici's so manwhore
by xdrctfghyikm August 23, 2006
47 121