A J-pop ban that is currently broken up.
Wow, that was awsome listening to that Cibo Matto album again!
by shixxle nizzle funky G skillit December 10, 2002
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An alternative pop-rock band formed in 1994 in New York, New York. The band blends many aspects of the mixed cultures found there to form catchy, dancable songs. Miho Hatori (vocals, also a part of Gorillaz) and Yuka Honda (keyboard), the members that the band originally comprised of, chose the name "Cibo Matto" based on their shared love of food, the name being Italian for "food madness." The lyrics are composed in a combination of English and French. Other then the fact that the band members are of Japanese origin, they are in no way related to the J-Pop scene.
Viva! La Woman
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Albums by Cibo Matto.
by sdb2404 June 23, 2006
2 asian girls WITH accents who made the besta lbums of the 90s. not to mention one of the funniest videos in the world. see "Know Your Chicken"
Oh man, Cibo Matto's "Know Your Chicken" video featuring a giant, trumpet-playing, anarchy-t-shirt-wearing chicken is fawesome!
by charwash February 21, 2005
An awesome j-pop band that sings about food on their 2 albums. They have a song, "Birthday Cake" on the soundtrack for the game JSRF.
After I borrowed a Cibo Matto album, I listened to 'Know Your Chicken' about 50 times in a row with my friend.
by TheRoyalGeneral July 10, 2004
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