A very talented dancer and R&B singer. Alot of people say that Ciara is a hermaphrodite. Ciara is NOT a hermaphrodite. Also, her name is pronounced SIERRA not KEYARA.
If you say her music sucks, you should actually LISTEN to it.
the princess of crunk&B (R&B and crunk) she's straight out of atlanta, and was found by lil jon and jazze pha. Ciara is a very talented dancer and her music is off the hook, with the help of lil jon's beats! ci-ci is a good rnb singer and she's the female version of usher! evn ludacris think she got sex-appeal!
"thinkin i waz easy,
i can see it,
thats when i say no,
what fo,
shawty cant handle it,
ciara got dat fire like,
by lil flave June 26, 2005
Ciara tends to be very friendly and kind. She is most-likely gorgeous and gets lots of admirers. She has big boobs and a nice ass. She has good taste in music and has a lovely singing voice. Ciaras tend to be slim and quite tall and modley. She sometimes gets jealous but gets over it. She falls for boys easily. She tends to like good-looking boys with nice personalitys.
Ciaras are awesome.
by alribuddy;} April 22, 2011
she is the most spontaneous beautiful amazing smart sexy caring loving woman out there who is always putting a smile on this guys face!
guy 1. that girl ciara... ya i lover her shes amazing.
by that guy. you know. April 14, 2011
A girl's name. She's special. You always want to impress her and you don't know why. Maybe you should bite the bullet and call her. there's more than one Meteor phone in her house that you can call for free.
Her name is Ciara...pronounced Key-rah, not the R&B singer.
by stefanoghur September 08, 2008
Beautiful, blonde and has a great body. Usually short and skinny and has an amazing ass. Along with her looks she has the ability to make almost every guy she knows and talks to fall for her. Shes kind and caring for the most part unless someone pisses her off then she can be bitter, hateful and a complete bitch. Over all she is an amazing person and super funny and amazing in bed !
wow that girl i met last night was amazing ...

did you get her name ?

No , but im guessing it was ciara !
by mayson123lst March 29, 2011
a atlanta goddess of crunk and rnb..crunk&B. first, let's get things straight, ciara aint no damn man, she is a talented dancer and she b dropn hot singles. Her voice aint no whitney houston, but damn is good enuff fo jon 2 sign her, n she can sing! ppl jus hatin on her cuz finally we got sum tru n raw talent out dea. we finally got a female usher! ci-ci waz found by jazze pha n lil jon, she wanted 2 b a model @ 1st, but thot betta of pursuin a singin career, she droppd goodies, and also hit numba 1 w/ 1,2step n oh, luda think she got sex appeal...so it all good! she gon b hot n she stayn..fo a long time!
"dey got dat southern cookn,
dey got em fellas lookn,
thinkin i waz eazy, i can c it,
dats when i say nooo,
wat fo,
shawty cant handle dis,
ciara got dat fire like,
oooh, round hea we ridin slow,
we keep it gutta u shood kno,
gettn crunk up in da club
we get low, oh"
by lil flave June 21, 2005

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