A midwest term for having a golf ball smashed through or stuck your car window.
"Hey, guys, let's ciara this guy's car!"
by Jordboy1 April 26, 2013
A stupid, cock-sucking, child molesting slut who is tying her absolute hardest to be like Beyonce. She does some of the crappiest "dancing" I've ever seen. All my folks tell me her album, "Goodies" is garbage. Even though I've never heard it, I agree with them. I wish Ciara & LIL' Bow Wow the worst in the future and I hope they break up quicker than J-Lo & Affleck
No example needed to describe her.
by Dough April 12, 2005
A very talented dancer and R&B singer. Alot of people say that Ciara is a hermaphrodite. Ciara is NOT a hermaphrodite. Also, her name is pronounced SIERRA not KEYARA.
If you say her music sucks, you should actually LISTEN to it.
female, r&b, from USA

in spring of 2004, she came out of no where with "Goodies". A song produced by mega-south producer Lil' Jon. Debut album later followed in late summer of 2004.
"I am a strong believer in sex after marriage."

"I am keeping 'the goodies' in the jar until after i am married."
by s_N_double_O_P April 24, 2005
Ciara tends to be very friendly and kind. She is most-likely gorgeous and gets lots of admirers. She has big boobs and a nice ass. She has good taste in music and has a lovely singing voice. Ciaras tend to be slim and quite tall and modley. She sometimes gets jealous but gets over it. She falls for boys easily. She tends to like good-looking boys with nice personalitys.
Ciaras are awesome.
by alribuddy;} April 22, 2011
the princess of crunk&B (R&B and crunk) she's straight out of atlanta, and was found by lil jon and jazze pha. Ciara is a very talented dancer and her music is off the hook, with the help of lil jon's beats! ci-ci is a good rnb singer and she's the female version of usher! evn ludacris think she got sex-appeal!
"thinkin i waz easy,
i can see it,
thats when i say no,
what fo,
shawty cant handle it,
ciara got dat fire like,
by lil flave June 26, 2005
she is the most spontaneous beautiful amazing smart sexy caring loving woman out there who is always putting a smile on this guys face!
guy 1. that girl ciara... ya i lover her shes amazing.
by that guy. you know. April 14, 2011
A girl's name. She's special. You always want to impress her and you don't know why. Maybe you should bite the bullet and call her. there's more than one Meteor phone in her house that you can call for free.
Her name is Ciara...pronounced Key-rah, not the R&B singer.
by stefanoghur September 08, 2008
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