The name, Ciara, trends within the Gothic groups. It comes from the Irish name, Ciaran, which means 'black.' Ciaras are very tender girls, but if you piss them off, they'll whip your ass. Their humor is usually under control, but once they take a liking for you, it'll drift to the morbid side. From personal experiences with multiple Ciaras, they are not even nearly girly, and they tend to be nerds. I have never come across a girly Ciara. Although they act like a boy, they have a very much female body that looks good too ;)
She may come across as stupid or insensitive because of her humor, but a dumb or mean Ciara will be punished for their stupidity. Deep down, she is incredibly nice.. You don't want to fuck with Ciara. They are very smart, though sometimes their school grades don't reflect it. Most enjoy metal.
"Man, I was barely even drunk last night. I banged this one goth girl named Ciara. I didn't need a beer for her to look pretty!"
"Dude, I've been with one of the before. I couldn't walk for three days."
by Zacharoni And Cheese November 17, 2012
Most beautiful girl you'll ever meet inside and out ,with a kick ass personality, she's the most kindhearted, loving, generous person you'll ever have the pleasure knowing, and best of all she has big boobs...
Ciara is the most amazing broad ever!!
by Sodrty February 14, 2012
Ciara is not a hermaphrodite. These are all just rumours. Do a little research. There has been no record of Ciara every being on Oprah, and as such did not ever release that she is a hermaphrodite.
There have been records that has shown a living Irish hermaphrodite by the name of Ciara. Not Ciara the pop artist. Do your homework.
by Brett Fritz July 11, 2005

Ciara is a girl who makes anyone she's with laugh easily. She's got a smile that could melt any heart, and a twinkle in her eyes that can't be beat. When Ciara is around, nothing else matters. She's silly but you can't help but notice how serious her beautiful qualities are. Perfection would be envious of Ciara.
Ciara's beauty rivals that of the gleaming moonlight.
by HerPrinceCharming May 20, 2014
A Ciara is a very shy girl at first but once u get to know her she is the coolest person to know and any boy would be in luck.
An Oliver is a perfect match for a ciara because he is charming willing to help and brave. The ciara is also a very pretty and sexy girl although not very intelligent
by Sambo1 October 13, 2013
Ciara: A one of a kind type of girl. Ciara's are very attractive, intelligent, and have a good heart. Everyone wishes they could be a Ciara and are jealous when they can't compare. Ciara are smart and guys find themselves captivated when talking to a Ciara. Ciara’s often don’t realize how perfect they are, and how every guy out there is looking for a Ciara. Guys are intimidated to ask out a Ciara just because Ciara’s are a perfect ten. A Ciara will know how to make you happy even when you are down. A Ciara raises the bar for a perfect girlfriend and if anyone where to find a Ciara they would realize how truly luck they are. A Ciara is perfect for a Darrel (I love you Ciara with all my heart and you will be my motivation while deployed to Afghanistan, I am truly a lucky and blessed man to have found a Ciara and am proud to call you my girlfriend.)
Darrel is forever in love with Ciara.
by dhjsisbsjsb January 22, 2015
Typically Irish, dark haired with a good ass. Always surrounded by friends, gets male attention all the time but never notices. Is very funny and intelligent, and often philosophical, however also has a kinky side and likes to tap that bounce that twerk that griiiiind that ass all over yo face.
She was shaking her ass all night...
Such a Ciara
by glitterous September 14, 2013

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