The name, Ciara, trends within the Gothic groups. It comes from the Irish name, Ciaran, which means 'black.' Ciaras are very tender girls, but if you piss them off, they'll whip your ass. Their humor is usually under control, but once they take a liking for you, it'll drift to the morbid side. From personal experiences with multiple Ciaras, they are not even nearly girly, and they tend to be nerds. I have never come across a girly Ciara. Although they act like a boy, they have a very much female body that looks good too ;)
She may come across as stupid or insensitive because of her humor, but a dumb or mean Ciara will be punished for their stupidity. Deep down, she is incredibly nice.. You don't want to fuck with Ciara. They are very smart, though sometimes their school grades don't reflect it. Most enjoy metal.
"Man, I was barely even drunk last night. I banged this one goth girl named Ciara. I didn't need a beer for her to look pretty!"
"Dude, I've been with one of the before. I couldn't walk for three days."
by Zacharoni And Cheese November 17, 2012
1. (to pull a Ciara) to not write, or even sing your own songs, instead, your only talent being you look fine and can pull off a hot dance move, yet still get a record deal.

A radical singer who writes such lyrics about her "Goodies", the fabulous "1, 2 Step" she can pull on yo ass at any minute or the fact that you should say "Oh" when you see her. Sorry, what am I saying, she doesn't write, or in fact sing shit, her producers write her songs for her and they also make her voice sound good through the clever use of computer technology.
1. LaShawna: My girl NeNe can't sing and she certainly don't write, how the fuck did that bitch get a deal gurrrl?
Taisha: She pulled a Ciara bitch!
by mos-def June 20, 2006
A Janet Jackson and Aaliyah swagger-jacker.
Did you see that new video from Ciara? She stay bitting of Baby Girl!
by floacist June 14, 2007
She aint no damn man.. shes a straight up woman and the hataz can go f*** themselves cuz they mad cuz she look better than them and she aint no herm like them hataz is.. she can sing.. she aint ugly.. she has breast stupid ass people! and she is real talented and obviously she has to be when all them ppl like Lil Jon think so and named her 'Queen Of Crunk'wut about that bitch! She sings songs such as the following: Goodies; 1 2 Step; Oh; Thug Style; Lookin At You; Other Chicks; and so on..
"Ohhhh, down here we ridin slow.."
"I kno u want my goodies.."
"That girl aint right fo u, see im the type fo u"
"Let me c u 1 2 step!"
"Lookin at uuuu........"
"You changed the game, i like it thug style.."
by Mi Shawnee April 30, 2005
Ciara is a beautiful old irish name particularly common in the west of ireland. The name is derived from the irish word“ciar” meaning dark. The name itself means dark haired beauty. Ciara's are beautiful,petite nymph like creatures that everyone secretly wishes they could be like. Ciaras are outgoing and always up for a laugh. They're unaware of they're stunning beauty which makes them all the more attractive. Every guy wishes they had a ciara and every girl wishes they had her as a friend. She's beautiful, loveable, funny and adorable. The kind of person you are lucky to have in your life. If you are lucky enough to have such a beautiful person as a ciara in your life never let her go she will bring unknown happiness to your life and make it a brighter place. Make the most of these gorgues irish girliess.
Who's that?
Oh that's Ciara!
Need I say more most beautiful girl you'll ever see inside and out just passed you
by sean phat November 13, 2012
the first hermaphrodite to be a famous singer..ciara creator of the goodies walk, and the 1,2 step, the OH. Also the ciara face(when she is dancin).
did u hear ciara is a hermaphrodite??
by jj March 17, 2005
1. A young, fair-skinned woman who reminds us that ANYBODY can make it i the music industry. She is a good dancer and an eyesore with a face that look like she just tasted a lemon and an anemic, underweight, breastless, gumpy body. She also has a low, incoherent singing voiice that is an insult to young, truly talented girls who should have been signed on a label long time ago.
How the fuck did Ciara get a record deal?
by K.J. January 31, 2005
A questionable hermaphrodite singer who has no ounce of talent in her body. Has no chest or ass and cannot sing for shyt. Dated a midget known as Bow Wow who also takes himself too seriously. Some believe this creature known as Ciara is pretty, but with pounds of weave and make-up, who couldn't be. Has no voice to save her life. Methods of singing include heavy breathing and trying to sound sexy. Copies Beyonce' in her useless song Get Up. Ciara is a phase, a fad, and if her new album is anything like Goodies was, she will fade away quickly.
"You got a body like Ciara. Stop working out so much!"
"If Ciara really is a man, then I don't want no Goodies."
"I think she's a Ciara."
"I might go the Ciara way and date a talentless arrogant munchkin teenybopper rapper."
"Don't be too athletic or you might end up like Ciara!" etc
by Tips August 11, 2006

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