Beautiful, blonde and has a great body. Usually short and skinny and has an amazing ass. Along with her looks she has the ability to make almost every guy she knows and talks to fall for her. Shes kind and caring for the most part unless someone pisses her off then she can be bitter, hateful and a complete bitch. Over all she is an amazing person and super funny and amazing in bed !
wow that girl i met last night was amazing ...

did you get her name ?

No , but im guessing it was ciara !
by mayson123lst March 29, 2011
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The Irish meaning of Ciara: little, dark haired one.
Ciara is her name. Ciara is ainm dom.
by May 14, 2007
Ciara: A one of a kind type of girl. Ciara's are very attractive, intelligent, and have a good heart. Everyone wishes they could be a Ciara and are jealous when they can't compare. Ciara are smart and guys find themselves captivated when talking to a Ciara. Ciara’s often don’t realize how perfect they are, and how every guy out there is looking for a Ciara. Guys are intimidated to ask out a Ciara just because Ciara’s are a perfect ten. A Ciara will know how to make you happy even when you are down. A Ciara raises the bar for a perfect girlfriend and if anyone where to find a Ciara they would realize how truly luck they are. A Ciara is perfect for a Joshua (I love you Ciara with all my heart and you will be my motivation while deployed to Afghanistan, I am truly a lucky and blessed man to have found a Ciara and am proud to call you my girlfriend.)
by PURE_BUDDHA February 21, 2012
Originally an old Irish word meaning; "dark", Ciara is a typical Irish name, pronounced key-rah as opposed to "Sea-air-ah". Other variations included Keira, Kiara and Cíara.
"My name is Ciara..."
by TheGreatEscopay April 11, 2008
Has amazing fashion sense. Her make up looks amazing. She looks amazing. She's beautiful. She's rather clumsy. She's someone that you'll find tripping up the stairs instead of down them. Her friends bring a lot of drama into her life, but she doesn't complain... much. She has the most amazing personality. She's very ticklish. She's adorable. She's ciara.
She's such a ciara.
by AllyCat56 May 30, 2011
The next big thing of R&B, or Crunk & B. Just the whole "Crunk & B" concept is genius-she mixed rnb and crunk so well and the tunes are so catchy. Plus she has amazing dancing skills, a charismatic personality, a tomnes body and good looks and is hard working and determined. that's why she has a record deal.
Ciara is NOT a hermaphodite. that's just a rumor that jealous haters spread even though they have no evidence to back it up.
by dfsdfsd May 04, 2005
The name of an Irish saint. It also means black. Its the female version of the name Ciaran. The singer Ciara pronounces her name WRONG, it's not pronuonced sierra, but as see-are-ah.
Saint Ciara (see-are-ah)
by lotidawave7 September 12, 2009
1. (to pull a Ciara) to not write, or even sing your own songs, instead, your only talent being you look fine and can pull off a hot dance move, yet still get a record deal.

A radical singer who writes such lyrics about her "Goodies", the fabulous "1, 2 Step" she can pull on yo ass at any minute or the fact that you should say "Oh" when you see her. Sorry, what am I saying, she doesn't write, or in fact sing shit, her producers write her songs for her and they also make her voice sound good through the clever use of computer technology.
1. LaShawna: My girl NeNe can't sing and she certainly don't write, how the fuck did that bitch get a deal gurrrl?
Taisha: She pulled a Ciara bitch!
by mos-def June 20, 2006

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