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Tasty bread that I will no longer eat because it has become the latest "in" food item. It is the new "sundried tomatoes." Very soon there will not be anything that you cannot get on ciabatta bread. People enjoy using and ordering ciabatta so that they can feel gastronomically cultured. Just like when someone talks about cooking with shallots, but cannot describe them. Means "slipper" in Italian.
"It is sooooo great that 7-11 has ciabatta bread sandwiches now. Oh, thank heaven!"
by m240guy April 21, 2006
yummy Italian bread
mama, lets buy some more ciabatta
by Hizzle November 01, 2003
Something incrediable either good and/or bad. Can also be shouted at random intervals to produce a sense of excitement.
Guy 1: WOAH! Guy 2 did you see that?!

Guy 2: Yeah man. Ciabatta.

Guy 1: Ciabatta!
by PasPasPas February 06, 2014