A word meaning Yes, or even you, depending on the context the word is used in.
"You going to the movies later?" "Chya (Yeah)"

"What Chya(You) up to?"
by xXFrostXx September 28, 2009
Top Definition
The surf-licious way to say "yeah." May or may not (judging by the context) include a connotation of "your an idiot!" or "HELL yes!" Note: that when emphasising your attack on your buddy's foolish remark, you should enunciate the "ch" part of the word, possibly even holding it for a moment longer
"So are we gonna go snowboarding tomorrow?" "Chya! (We are!)"
"So wait is the sky REALLY blue?"
"Chya! (Ya retard!)"
by Tommy aka The King of Cali February 10, 2004
better way of saying yes or agreeing with something or someone
"That's amazing!"
by xoEmmieox December 22, 2005
hell ya!
"i just got tickets to see Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert this weekend! Chya!"
by lauren August 31, 2003
word used in place ot the word "ya". originated and made popular by the will c. wood class of 2005 and basketball team in vacaville
yo j-rad, we goin to the club tonight?
by raul "sexy" jesse May 14, 2006
The shorter way to promounce "shit yeah" in quick conversation.
"You're goin to that party?"
by Faithness February 29, 2008
sure or yes or fer sure
guy1: dude wanna go party
guy2: fer chya man!
by GimpyMeg January 08, 2008
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