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Chvarak is a candy made in Serbia out of pig fat. It is salty yet sweet and incredibly delicious. It tastes a little like Christmas chocolate in the shape of a Santa Claus, except that it's salty, small and looks like beaver crap.
The conclusion is that in Serbia, chvarak (plural: chvarkovi or chvartzi) is not only food, but a way of life.
Many a chvarak has fallen beneath my wrath.
The only thing Serbs commit genocide upon are chvarkovi.
Chvarakovi are similar to Albanian chocolate, except that Albanian chocolate contains dead squirrels and, more often than not, Albanians (they breed so much that they overpopulated their country. Now, they sent 50% of their children to Kosovo and eat the other 50%)
by Baklava42 January 13, 2007
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