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An asshole, particularly one who is stoned.
Dude, stop being such a chuz and give me the chips!
by Chif June 21, 2006
20 23
Discretely put: The secretion of a choad.
That's the tastiest chuz I've ever had!!
by bataviatimmyho's July 08, 2010
8 9
chuz, made up by moi. means simply goodbye. originating from the german word 'tschüss' it has morphed into 'chuz'
You:Bye, see you tomorrow!
Moi: chuz!
by franzi November 24, 2004
23 26
The Chuz is a derivative of the cuz, except far more chuzzy. There exists only one true Chuz, but people can exhibit characteristics that are chuzzy.
Adam says: Such a Chuz.
Cameron replies: No, you are.
by ccut7471 October 28, 2008
7 12
Is the stuff on the bottom of the bottle of cordial.. the dry junk.


Generally anything
Lets shot the cuz from the bottle.

or for just anything.. man your such a piece of chuz.
by SmigChuz January 14, 2008
4 13