an unscrupulous fellow(usually identified as having a curious limp) who is rather partial to batting for the other side.. it is not in the spirit of the game!
Ian Mckenzie is a chutney ferret
by THE ALMIGHTY HEAD May 28, 2003
a dirty scrubber who nibbles the chunks of corn from freshly laid cleveland steamers
as a last resort howard feather became a bum raping chutney ferret
by abingdon posse May 21, 2003
Oily Rag i.e. Fag
My Mate Dave
by Jon Brydges December 08, 2003
fucked company's poster, gnorac.
That poofter gnorac over there, he's a right chutney ferret.
by pud August 27, 2003
A Little Prick That Gets Under Your Skin.
Your Boss
by stu. February 06, 2004
from the phrase to chutney
you are a chutney ferret
by the absinthe man May 19, 2004
squirrel type monkey with terets
chris wade
by james watts March 04, 2003
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