A term used to describe a homosexual.
"I say James old chap, your friend over there looks like a right old Chutney Ferret"
by shreddiesandcream November 09, 2009
Top Definition
a homosexual male or a land bound ferret that works in a chutney factory.
that man likes anal sex, he must be a chutney ferret.
by the buncing queen September 11, 2003
A homosexual Male...other common terms include; Treacle dipper, Marmite miner, Fudge packer, Ian Black and Anal Coloumbus
George Michael
by Spyke March 20, 2003
One who likes it up the bum.
That boy is a chutney ferret if ever i saw one.
by Raz Man July 29, 2003
One who is light on his feet i.e. one who jumps puddles; a bender; a shirt-lifter; he who enjoys the company of knob jockeys; a tail-gunner.
The Dale Winton - he's a chutney ferret, or I'll eat my own ass!
by big_jurgen March 25, 2009
Someone who frequents the arse region of another fellow. A chap who has an overwhelming hunger for bum chutney. A general prober of the male anus.
Once Jake had finished watching his DVD box set of Dancing on Ice, he popped round to Julian's house for a peppermint tea. What a chutney ferret.
by bumchutney February 09, 2013
A breed of perculiarly tail-less ferret, specific to the Isle of Chutney, Nova Scotia.

Associated genetic traits include highly promiscuous mating practices with either sex or with other species.
Chutney ferret - any hole's a goal
by siddiom November 01, 2009
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