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language: hindi (Also used in Marathi and Mumbhaiyya)
meaning: fool, idiot, untermensch.
etymology: from the colloquial word for the vagina, choot

chutiya use kehte hain jo choot ko badnaam kare,
choot vo dharmashala hai jahan lund aram kare.

The Marathi version of chutiya, 'chuttya', is pronounced with stress on the t, and is a lot more effective in baiting.
sachin tendulkar chutiya ki tarah khel raha hai aaj kal.
by The anti tudhail brigade April 20, 2005
106 95
A dumb or ass-hole.
You are a chutiya if this idea is yours.
by buddhu_bacha April 16, 2014
0 0
hindi word for "fucker"
chutiye akkal nahi hai kya tereko
by Steve September 10, 2004
158 162
a universal addressing code for referring to a annoying or irritating object
kya chutiya book hai.
abe chutiya hai kya.
by iimk August 05, 2003
66 70
someone who reads all the time. lies about flunking but tops in the exams. thereby giving other normal people enormous stress.
YEh chutiya saala top karega
by bhoot December 12, 2010
5 13
Chutiya, Its mainly used to address the dorks yu see everywhere in the world. The noob of the gang or an asshole... Yu call him a CHUTIYA in hindi. Or when yu see anyone acting lame, yu call him a Chutiya. Yu are annoyed at anyone, he deserves the title of > Chutiya
(Because of him everyone made fun of our group, Dork)

Uski wajah se sab hamaare group pe hans rahe the, Chutiya.


A:Tera naam kya hai?
B:Pyaar se sab Dhakkan bulaate hain.
A: Chutiya ^#($%#@

Abbey Chutiyon, samajh aaya? Yu get the drill?
by JayBee1 April 19, 2009
9 19
Its a word which by itself expresses ones anxiety and irritation towards others.
Chup Bahet Chutiye! Dimaag ki maa behen ek kar raha hai!
by Gaurav B March 08, 2004
26 38