chutiya : Hindi expletive used in the same context as `fucker'
ex 1: kaisa chutiya hai tu!
ex 2: chutiya panti kyun kar rahe ho yaar?
ex 3: chutiyon kee kamee nahin hai is duniya mei.
ex 4: chutiya, gaandu, madarchod, behnchod, betichod, bhosadi ka, laude are bad words. Shouldn't use them!
by choot pujari December 21, 2004
A simple hindi word for stupid ..
Kya chutiya ho gaya hai ( Are you stupid)
by Jai July 05, 2003
this is not hindi for fucker! many people this is.. this is wrong! This simply means an ass, a donkey
chutiye! dikhai nahi deta?

(u ass! cant u see?)
by Siris July 09, 2005
one born out of the choot - i.e.- a pussy. So every person naturally entering the world through his mom's vagina is a chutiya.
by aiyar July 29, 2003
chutia is nothing but foolish indicating word.
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
gujarati word for a mooch, or someone who annoys the crap out of you by using all your stuff with or without asking.
olo chokro kevo chutiya che, mara badha paisa lidho!
by gujumonkey May 14, 2006
A word used by hindi speaking morons to remind eachother that they are all you know what ...
All Hindi speaking ppl in India are chutiya
by Legogl August 12, 2008
This is actually a hindi word derived from the phenomenon called "Chutiyapa". It is a rude word for "Idiot" or "Jerk". It can be found in the person who possess some vital abilities either to fuck the whole situation or to do something so idiotic that makes others spot him as a Chutiya.

Being a chutiya is what human is doing from the ancient times. Humans tend to grow this art to make lifes harder for those people whom they don't like or simply for being a jerk among his/her surrounding.
Bhai chutiya hai kya?
Chutiya banana apne baap ko BC.
Chal chutiye, nikal idhar se.
via giphy
by SHUBHAMKD December 26, 2015
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